As we happen to know from the likes of Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and too many other mass murderer leftist dictators, the radical leftist Marxists cannot stand ANY opposition whatsoever.

So they take measures to get rid of it.

Powerful measures: a bullet to the back of the head ordered by the political commissar standing by or several decades in a concentration camp.

Of course, there have been “softer” measures: losing your job, income, status, dignity, family.

This latter, “softer” punishments for daring to oppose the ruling leftist Marxist paradigm, have been applied in the United States of America for quite a while – in an utter derogation of the democracy, freedom, and civil rights of American citizens.

The wokeist-transgenderist political commissars are out to get you!

The latter has been particularly enabled by the rise of Big Tech with their “social media” – which are nothing but “social” in any decent sense of the world – which have provided for large-scale mob violence both virtually and physically!

It is just horrifying what America has been turned into by the radical left – and that we, the American citizens, have allowed that to happen.

The freshest case of that has apparently become the CEO of a major video game developing company – he seems to have been forced to resign from the leadership of the company that he co-founded – after sharing his conservative views on Twitter.

That’s all you need to do!

Share something that doesn’t stand well with the radical left – or just the radical left can’t stand.

John Gibson, co-founder, and CEO of Tripwire Interactive resigned his CEO job mysteriously, shortly after he tweeted that he supported the new abortion law of the state of Texas which protects unborn children from being brutally murdered by banning abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, i.e. when the child gets a heartbeat.

Poor Gibson had the “cheek” and “nerve” to declare on Twitter that he was “proud” of the Supreme Court after SCOTUS let the law stand in a 5-4 decision last week.

He praised the fact that “babies with a heartbeat” will be protected, and added that “as an entertainer” he doesn’t “get political often.”

Gibson added that there are “so many vocal peers” who are “on the other side of this issue”, and he wanted to “go on the record” so it is clear that he is a “pro-life game developer.”

Note the subtle, well-mannered language that he used – nothing of the kind that you can see with liberal leftists!

Their values of slaughtering unborn children and squashing dissent!

He wanted to express his legitimate view, opinion, free will.

They wouldn’t have any of it.

They would rush to crush him.

And they did.

All the harassment on Twitter that he must have gotten, plus the potential wokeism and transgenderism warriors on the inside of his firm must have forced him to quit.

The CEO who got canceled out of his own company hasn’t said anything publicly since his last tweet on September 4.

However, a post on Tripwire’s website implies precisely that: it makes it clear the company wants nothing to do with his “own opinion” and that his “comments disregarded the values” of the company “team, partners and the broader community.”

What values are those exactly?!?!

The murder of unborn babies by scraping their underdeveloped bodies out of their mother’s womb?

Or the crushing of any dissent, regardless of how honest, rightful, and subtle.

Those must be the values of the company in question and its whole team, partners, and community.

Note how they speak of the “community” – claiming to represent all with their own radical leftist Marxist vision, regardless of whether that’s true or not – and it most likely isn’t.

With John Gibson, there is no other person terrorized for his opinions.

The radical left is getting drunk with its Big Tech power.

It remains to be seen how long before that implodes right in their faces.