A leaked email sent from the State Department to an organizer of private evacuation flights out of Afghanistan, where the Biden administration abandoned hundreds of US citizens and many more US allies in the hands of the Taliban, shows that the Biden administration has formally hampered the flights in question from taking off.

So not only did Sleepy Joe Biden and his Cabinet featuring the likes of his no less pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken just leave behind US citizens and allies by cutting short the emergency evacuation, but they have also actively prevented private evacuation efforts.

According to the email, the Department of State refuses to give official approval for such flights so they can land in third countries while admitting that such authorization would most probably be needed for that.

Besides that, Blinken’s department declared that charter flights, even ones carrying US citizens on board, are banned from landing at airbases of the US military-run by the Department of Defense because of security risks.

They’d want our approval – and we won’t give it to you!

The Biden administration already caused much public outrage with its failure to support private evacuation flights from Afghanistan.

Even prominent Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, in his own words, got “furious” as the Biden administration delayed two flights with Americans trying to leave Afghanistan from the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif – which his office has been working to organize.

The newly leaked email, however, discloses how the State Department bureaucracy is formally hampering private rescue efforts.

The email was leaked to Fox News by Eric Montalvo, an organizer of private rescue flights, who received it from the State Department on September 1.

The email states that “no independent charters” and “no charter flights” are permitted to land “at a DOD base”, i.e. US military bases, and that Saudi Arabia “will not allow charters” to land.

Montalvo is then told that “you need to find another” country of destination, and that “it can’t be the US.”

Then, what’s even more stunning, the State Department email tells the rescue organizer that some of the potential third countries “may require” its official approval to take in private charter flights but that it “will not provide” such an approval.

Instead, the “generous” State Department of Biden and Blinken “will provide a ‘no objection’” to the government of the potential third country through the respect US Embassy.

So the State Department might as well just have issued an official “objection” and be done with it, terminating the rescue efforts of those volunteering to do its own job which it is failing to do or just doesn’t want to do, for whatever reason.

‘The only thing’ preventing the rescue flights

A spokesperson for the State Department refused to comment on the leaked email, and instead pointed to Blinken’s remarks made on Tuesday in which its pathetic boss claims that “we’re working around the clock” in cooperation with NGOs and US Congress members “to make sure” that charter flights with “Americans or others” “can depart Afghanistan safely.”

The leaked email paints a very different picture, and it just appears inexplicable why the State Department bureaucracy would be so inefficient at just issuing elementary seals of approvals for rescue missions that it itself has failed to organize.

The head of private rescue group Plan B, Rick Clay, and other rescue organizers are quoted as saying previously that the Department of State “is the only thing preventing” their rescue flights from taking off from Afghanistan.

That falls in nicely with the department’s claims on Monday that it “facilitated” the overland evacuation of an American mother and her three children whereas in fact the entire effort was carried out by private organizers.