The latest abomination in present-day America indeed a monstrous one – and while it is too much for any decent American to take even by itself, it is far more horrifying simply because it shows that the evil liberal leftist Marxists are winning the war against the American people and might soon be able to impose on us all a Marxist totalitarian regime!

The Constitution is ‘harmful language’! Yes, to Marxism.

Remember the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence?

These bedrocks of all things American, of all that is good and about the American nation, democracy, and republic, these documents that remain bright beacons of hope for all mankind and the envy of every self-respecting, law-abiding, God-loving society out there on Planet Earth.

Well, these very same universal documents which represent the highest achievement even of the human mind – namely, how to codify and then successfully implement the question and notions of democracy, rights, and freedom – have been labeled with a “Harmful Language Alert”!

Yes, in today’s America.

But those labels aren’t on the website of some deranged Marxist, wokeist, transgenderist psychopath – and God knows that, unfortunately, we have too many of those!

The US Constitution together with the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence have been labeled with a “Harmful Language Alert” not somewhere else but on the website of the National Archives of the United States government!

The very same government built upon them!

It is true that the National Archives agency is already known as one of the most maliciously wokeist and already entirely anti-American institutions of the federal government – it has apparently been infiltrated and taken over by vile Marxists who are working actively to expunge and cleanse history – precisely the thing done by the Soviet Union and communist China and all the other genocidal political regimes out there that sprung out right out of the gates of hell.

They are preparing to abolish the Constitution!

Despite everything, some of us thought they wouldn’t dare touch the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Maybe their utterly murderous wokeism would take account of the fact that these documents inspired the decolonization fights of “people of color” all around the world!

Of course, around the world, there is no such thing as “people of color” – they are just “people”.

But evil American Marxists insist on racial labeling in order to easily manipulate those American citizens who have been brainwashed into fitting the “people of color” stereotype so that the Democratic Party can claim them as its perpetual feudal electoral domain.

That doesn’t matter.

The wokeism of the American Marxists is designed solely for the purposes of harassing and terrorizing the American public, sow discord, and hatred so they can grab power and hold on to it for good – it isn’t as though they do care about the well-being of the common folk.

According to the statement by NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration), the “harmful content” label refers to works containing “racist, sexist, ablest” – you name it – “opinions and attitudes” which discriminated against all the made-up divisive categories.

The Marxists have managed to take over the National Archives and declare the US Constitution as “harmful” – apparently because they are preparing the public for abolishing it!

This isn’t a joke, and it isn’t just sad, or wrongful, and confusing.

This is a preparation for an all-out takeover by the evil forces of Marxism-communism, with all of its wokeism and transgenderism propaganda horseshit – they want to use that to establish a perpetual Marxist totalitarian dictatorship.

The perfidious Marxists aren’t as stupid as they appear.

They know that in the past it was only the United States of America that stood in the way of their ideological brethren, the Nazis and the Commies, from conquering the world.

Now they figured they should conquer America from within in order to be successful in that endeavor.

We, decent, patriotic, God-fearing Americans must stop them!