VIDEO: Sleepy Joe greeted with `F**k Biden' signs, middle fingers in Ida-hit NY & NJ, claims warm welcome, says `they don't understand'

Democrat President Joe Biden was given a lot of well-warranted “people’s love” on Tuesday as he went to parts of New York and New Jersey devastated by storm Ida, only to be greeted by outraged locals with “Fuck Biden” signs who were giving him middle fingers and hurling scathing critique on his disaster response but also on the unbelievable catastrophe he caused for America in Afghanistan.

‘F**k you for voting for him!’

Against that backdrop, Sleepy Joe demonstrated that he was totally out of it, claiming he was received warmly, and that his “hecklers” – some of them shouting out of their own yards – weren’t from there and “didn’t understand”.

Last week, Hurricane Ida, which was downgraded to a storm by the time it got from the Gulf Coast and Louisiana to the Northeast, killed 52 people there and caused extensive damage.

For his visit to New Jersey and New York on Tuesday, Biden landed at JFK airport in Queens and was greeted by angry protesters with signs such as “F** Biden” and “F**k you for voting for him.”

Just like in his visit at the end of last week to Ida-devastated areas of Louisiana, here again, many could be seen giving Biden the finger, including a school-age boy clearly photographed by the press.

Locals, in particular, lashed out against him as he toured the Lost Valley neighborhood in Manville, New Jersey, to see the flood damage.

There were people yelling at him to resign, and calling him a “tyrant” and “despicable”, yelling and asking why he left Americans behind in Afghanistan and mentioning US service members who died there and asking him why they did – with the people apparently shocked by his insane and completely botched pullout.

Others could be heard shouting at Biden that the country is “going to st” and that he is there for a “photo op” and he “won’t do s*.”

They don’t live here

It is uncertain how conscious Biden was and how much of what was happening around him he could realize as in an address he made, he showed that he either didn’t fathom the reality or pretended not to.

He fully stood up and claimed that “none” of the people devastated by the storm “were shouting or complaining” and that all of them “were thanking” him as though his visit “was something special.”

Somewhat later, Biden seemed to acknowledge the “warmth” of the welcome he got but pathetically tried to disparage it by claiming that the protesters “don’t live there”, i.e. in the houses and yards from which they were yelling at him.

He also alleged that his hecklers “don’t understand” – yet, he was apparently referring only to the topic of climate change and the supposed efforts of his administration in that regard since he mentioned that people “on the other side of the fences” “are yelling” that the Democrat Party is “interfering with free enterprise” because it is “doing something about climate change.”

Biden’s appearances in New York and New Jersey just demonstrated again his being totally out of touch with reality even as regular Americans were yelling it to his face.

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