Are you a woman or a “menstruating person”? Well, AOC did a show on that topic last night! Take a look! VIDEO

A vile, America-hating hypocrite, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, has already made a fool out of herself too many times.

As she is so impudent, obnoxious, and shameless, however, that’s never stopped her from shouting out even louder and louder the newest wokeist and transgenderist horseshit that the Marxist likes of herself have come up with in order to terrorize Americans, try to destroy the nation, and impose on us all a radical far-left totalitarian regime.

Of course, when you are just as clueless and incompetent as you are dishonest and duplicitous, it isn’t easy for you in your quest for Marxist totalitarian dictatorship.

In her latest ludicrous on-camera performance, in which the spittle-emitting AOC lashed out against Taxes’ new law limiting abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, she made a total mockery of herself by mixing up “women” and the liberal Marxist newspeak for the word, including the idiotic phrase “menstruating persons” and “people who aren’t cisgender men.”

The confusion was just another piece of evidence of her hypocrisy: does AOC think of herself as a “woman” or as a “menstruating person” who is a “non-cisgender man”?

Probably the former, and she just gave it in.

Hypocrisy and duplicity all the time isn’t easy: her tongue seemingly slipped as she put in the word “women” – and then had to constantly correct herself with the newspeak of “menstruating persons.”

In her sickening tirade that she spewed out to CNN host Anderson Cooper, AOC maintained that the Texas law, which for the first time in a long time in America manages to preserve the sanctity of life by banning the murder of unborn children once they get their heartbeats, isn’t about “supporting life.”

Instead, the wannabe “progressivist” far-left totalitarian concentration camp warden claimed that the Texas law was about apparently evil men (she probably meant to say “cisgender non-menstruating persons” – but hey, who can get through all that idiotic newspeak at once, right!) such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Texas Governor Greg Abbott wishing to “control” “women’s bodies”!

(Hmm, here we go again – what’s that “women’s bodies”? Whatever happened to them wishing to control “menstruating persons’ bodies”?! Oh, come on, AOC, you can do better than that idiotic-newspeak-wise!)

We’re just sure that’s the case – McConnell and Abbott are eager to attach antennas to those menstruating bodies or whatnot – and then control them with remote controls.

And this coming from a vicious Marxist wishing to control even the thoughts of Americans, not to mention their actions.

AOC clearly would have made a great career in the Soviet Gulag, rising quickly through the ranks – from a CO to a concentration camp chief in no time.

Needless to say, poor, clueless but evil AOC was ripped apart on Twitter after her “are they women, are they menstruating beings” interview on CNN.

What’s horrifying is that enough Americans are duped by the malicious ideology of Marxism, wokeism, and transgenderism so as to elect the “menstruating-person” likes of her to the US Congress.

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