Democrat President Joe Biden is making so many disastrous calls and acts so erratically and illogically that it is entirely possible that he is completely out of it most, if not all of the time.

The signs that he might be utterly mentally incapable of performing the duties of the president are all over the place – and that’s not even mentioning his leftist convictions, his incompetence, and alleged corruptibility.

From slurring his speech all the time and talking creepily about the crossed legs of an underage girl to causing the greatest foreign and security policy disaster for the United States in the past two decades with the Afghanistan withdrawal and the ensuing horrendously botched evacuation – it seems as though Biden is semi-aware of what’s happening.

A bizarre, senior Manchurian candidate?

On top of all that, Biden appears to be admitting this shocking setup – and he has been doing that quite frequently by saying he isn’t “supposed to” or “allowed to” do certain things such as take questions from journalists, speak longer, or appear publicly for longer than an hour or two.

He did it again on Wednesday: Sleepy Joe once again declared it straight that those who are “handling” him are in reality the ones calling the shots about what he can and cannot do, and, by extension, what decisions he may or may not take.

The thought alone is beyond chilling since that would mean that those who did vote for Joe Biden actually elected somebody else, apparently a clique putting thoughts into his senile head, and words in his speech-slurring mouth.

In fact, that would make Joe Biden a highly bizarre but highly realistic “Manchurian candidate” on a remote control run by his handlers.

After he gave pre-prepared comments at the East Room of the White House on Wednesday, the Democrat president dropped another one of his “I’m not supposed to”-s – except this time it was an even more convincing one.

He declared that he is “supposed to stop” – talking and/or taking questions – and that he is “supposed to walk out of the room.”

Maybe Sleepy old Joe isn’t as obedient of his handlers and seems to have his little rebellions, the senile rebel that he might be – and however pathetic and disheartening this whole thing might sound – but he did defy “them” by not leaving immediately, and remaining in the room for a little longer.

That cannot have been well received by whoever appears to be telling him what to do and say.

Senile old puppet?

Biden began revealing himself as a senile puppet whose strings are pulled by an apparent clique as early as his first-ever White House press conference at the job back in January.

Since then he has declared numerous times that he isn’t “supposed to take questions” or that he was “instructed” to take questions only from pre-approved reporters – and that “they” are giving him lists of journalists – or that he is going to “get in trouble” if he talks longer.

At one point he even declared that he would happily “take questions” but only if “that’s what I am supposed to do.”

Many conservative commentators and regular Americans took to Twitter to wonder what all of this is or to just state the obvious that there is something terribly wrong that’s going on with Joe Biden and the decision-making inside the White House.

The most perceptive comments were that we aren’t “supposed” to pretend that this is normal.

21st century America facing some of the gravest challenges ever, and it’s being run by a senile “Manchurian candidate” puppet?

That is something that every single American should be outraged about, even regardless of ideological and political affiliation.