The excesses of the liberal leftists and Marxists are horrifying all across America but on the West Coast, and especially in the Pacific Northwest, in cities such as Portland and Seattle, they are in a league of their own.

All public policy there has been reduced to catering to the needs of wokeism and transgenderism regardless of how vile and lying those Marxism sub-ideologies might be.

As one of the ugliest reincarnations of that “official party line”, the far-left Nazis from Antifa have been allowed to assault and terrorize at will any decent American citizen with whom they don’t agree, or, rather, anybody who doesn’t obey them and bend over to their reign of terror.

Was the Portland mayor hoping that Antifa would win?!

A case in hand was August 22, 2021, when a conservative gathering in Portland was provoked by Antifa criminals.

The difference this time was that the conservative groups, including the Proud Boys group, fought back in big numbers and Antifa pretty much got their ***** kicked.

Now Portland’s Marxist mayor, Ted Wheeler – the same guy who just advocated ending all “imports” to the city from the state of Texas because of the latter’s new abortion law limiting abortion to six weeks of pregnancy – has had an epiphany of sorts.

He declared that the city leaders should not have used a “hands-off” approach during the Antifa – Proud Boys clashes in Portland on August 22 – Wheeler admitted that this was “not the right strategy,” as cited by The Associated Press and The Daily Mail.

What isn’t exactly clear is why Wheeler regrets not having the security forces step in: is it because the violence that occurred – and which seems to have been provoked by the far-left Nazi thugs from Antifa – is a horrible thing?

Or it is because “our guys lost” – i.e. Antifa got their thuggish Marxist ***** kicked as the conservative groups fought them back?

It is most probably the latter since it is typical for Socialists, Communists, Maoists, all sorts of Marxists to always apply the rules selectively to serve their evil purposes.

During a meeting of the Portland City Council on Wednesday, the abysmal mayor, Wheeler, actually demonstrated his dulled sense of violence, especially if it is perpetrated by Antifa, the informal punitive squads of the liberal left.

He didn’t declare on his own behalf that violence is bad; instead, he said that has become clear “based on the public outcry.”

Wheeler then claimed full responsibility – maybe for Antifa’s defeat, even though he would of course never mention that.

The clueless leftist then added that he was “trying to find the right recipe” to deal with riots – which would be somewhere in the middle between restrained law enforcement and an “overwhelming police presence.”


Portland’s lefty mayor is trying to invent the wheel?

Maybe he should start by reneging on all idiotic far-left policies encouraging the criminal likes of Antifa to attack people with total impunity.

And maybe hold accountable any of them for any of their crimes.

That would be your “recipe.”

That used to be the approach in America, too, as in any other civilized nation, before the radical leftist Commies recently started to take over.

Oh, they were ‘monitoring’ from an airplane!’

A Portland Police Bureau spokesperson is quoted as saying that the city authorities were actually “monitoring” the clashes on August 22 from an airplane – and didn’t do anything about them.

One may only guess the reason the leftist Portland authorities left the street battles to play out.

It must be the same reason they now regret that.

They may have been hoping that the Marxist terrorists from Antifa would once again manage to get a free hand in terrorizing the conservative groups.

That didn’t happen, and Antifa was badly defeated.

Why are American cities left to become arenas of the far-left provocations and the ensuing battles?

That is the question in the first place.