Luckily, many Americans are awakening to the plague of liberal leftism and Marxists whose proponents want to engulf our glorious nation into a far-left totalitarian dictatorial regime informed by wokeism and transgenderism, among all else.

While a growing number of conservative and even moderate and some liberal critics are blasting radical leftism, perhaps nobody has done a better job at exposing its malicious nature than President Donald Trump.

‘Extinguished by the Radical Left’

As the famous statue of General Robert E. Lee was brought down from its spot in Richmond, Virginia, where it had stood for 131 years, and was cut in pieces, President Trump put out a statement condemning the act in the latest wokeist push for historical revisionism.

Trump defended both the elaborate and sophisticated artwork of the state and the military skills of General Robert Lee who fought on the side of the Confederacy in the Civil War.

POTUS 45 reminded that the Lee statue was a “beautiful piece of bronze sculpture”, and that it’s cutting into pieces so it can be put in storage is adding “insult to injury” as it means “its complete desecration.”

Trump emphasized that “many generals” considered Robert E. Lee “the greatest strategist of them all.”

He reminded that President Lincoln wanted Lee to command the armies of the North, not the South, which would have led the Civil War to be “over in one day.”

Lee, however, chose the Confederacy because of “his great love” for his home state of Virginia, which belonged to the South.

Trump noted also that Lee “would have won the war” because of his skill, had it not been for Gettysburg.

President Trump stressed that Robert E. Lee ought to be remembered “as the greatest unifying force” after the civil war ended by working for reconciliation, including by urging his own South soldiers to be good citizens of the United States.

Trump then exposed the all-out assault on America by liberal leftism and Marxism.

“Our culture is being destroyed,” he declared, adding that American history and heritage “both good and bad” are presently getting “extinguished by the Radical Left.”

“We can’t let that happen!” Trump exclaimed.

Lee would’ve won in Afghanistan years ago!

He added that if military “genius” Robert E. Lee had been in command of the American troops in Afghanistan, he would have won the war there “many years ago” – as opposed to the horrible defeat for America caused by Sleepy Joe Biden and his military commanders.

The removal of the 1890 statue of Robert E. Lee in Virginia’s capital Richmond on Wednesday was cheered on by a crowd of wokeist activists.

While Lee’s association with the slave-owning South during the Civil War may have been discrediting, a more enlightened reading of the actual history may have yielded reasons to preserve the statue because of its historical significance.

The radical leftism and Marxism’s approach to enlightenment, appreciate historical context, and so on, and so forth, is of course completely non-existent and all the Marxists know is “class struggle” – now based on race and “gender.”

And President Donald Trump is indisputably right as he declared that we “can’t let” radical leftism destroy American culture – as well as America itself.