Numerous enemies of America and freedom from around the world have rejoiced ecstatically at the self-inflicted defeat inflicted upon the United States by Democrat President Joe Biden with his catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan and surrender to the radical Islamist terrorist Taliban.

Biden has overjoyed America’s enemies, all of them

It isn’t just China, Russia, Iran, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the likes who have been overjoyed by Sleepy Joe Biden as he humiliated the United States beyond recognition – but apparently, also countless individuals not just abroad but at home.

And while the radical leftists and Marxists who hate America are the usual suspects, let’s not forget about the Islamists hiding all across our nation.

Actually, with their recent brutal attacks on American Jews, they aren’t even hiding anymore.

One individual whom Joe Biden has made really happy, however, has been rotting in prison and is awaiting his well-deserved but insufficient punishment on death row.

Remember the horrifying massacre in Fort Hood, the US Army Base in Texas back in 2009?

A total of 13 people were killed (as well as one unborn child) – the same number as the US troops killed in August 2021 at Kabul airport because of Joe Biden – and 32 were wounded.

That was actually the worst attack on a US army base ever – and it was committed by an American-born, American-educated jihadist Islamist terrorist of Palestinian descent: Maj Nidal Hasan, a military psychiatrist!

It would be interesting to explore if liberal leftism – which is friendly to Islamism as a rule – played a part in Hasan’s radicalization.

Hasan was sentenced to death back in 2013 and is still awaiting his execution.

He has been allowed to wait long enough to see what Joe Biden did to America by surrendering to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Terrorist hasn’t changed, Biden has

“We have won!!!” Hasan now wrote in a statement given to Fox News his lawyer, Army Col. John Galligan, as cited by The Daily Mail – apparently referring to the Taliban victory so graciously bestowed upon them by Sleepy Joe, surrenderer-in-chief and America’s greatest “humiliator”.

The lawyer said he thinks Hasan is “pleased to see” how the Biden administration is “seemingly willing to engage” with the murderous Taliban as Afghanistan’s government.

In the same statement, the US-born terrorist says he prays “to Allah” to help the Taliban “fully, correctly and fairly” “implement Shariah Law.”

As the attorney added that Hasan’s Islamist and pro-Shariah views are well-known since the time of his heinous crime, he actually mocked Joe Biden – who is deserving of all the mocking possible.

Galligan declared that that “Major Hasan hasn’t changed his opinions of the Taliban” but it would “appear” that President Biden “has done a complete about-face.”

He isn’t wrong – and even the bloody terrorist Hasan, born and raised in America – isn’t wrong, either, about the fact that the Taliban, a bunch of rag-wearing medieval-minded illiterates, managed to win a 20-year war against the greatest power in the world.

That is because America’s leadership become rotten the moment Joe Biden set foot in the White House.