After on Thursday night, Democrat President Joe Biden announced outrageous vaccine mandates forcing some 100 million Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, his clueless chief of staff, Ron Klain, retweeted a post that the executive order is the “ultimate workaround” – thus casting doubt over the legality of the measures.

100-million-people outrage

Sleepy Joe was awake long enough on Thursday evening so as to declare the forcing of all federal workers, workers of companies whose staff exceeds 100 people, and health care workers to undergo vaccination against the coronavirus – whether they agree to or not.

While the mandate for federal employees is unconditional, the employees of large private companies will have the option of undergoing COVID-19 tests every single week if they refuse to be vaccinated.

Biden described this outrageous overstepping of the executive government’s powers to interfere in the private lives of American citizens as a “new action plan,” with its rules to be enforced by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Noncompliant entities could be fined up to $14,000 per offense.

Even before anybody had the time to become furious, Ronald Klain went on Twitter later on Thursday night, and shared a tweet that praised Biden for finding a roundabout way to impose the staggering federal vaccine mandate.

He retweeted a post by MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle who wrote that the fact OSHA is “doing this vax mandate” by way of “an emergency workplace safety rule” constitutes “the ultimate workaround” with which the federal government can “require vaccinations.”

Critics of the Biden administration were quick to point out that courts do consider intention as a factor when hearing cases – which is the retweet by the chief of staff of the White House, regardless of how clueless a figure he might be, could become highly problematic for the administration if, or, rather, when the mandate get legally challenged.

‘Foolish retweet,’ to say the least

Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz tweeted that Klain’s action was a “foolish retweet from the White House chief of staff.”

Cruz added that Klain appears to have “said the quiet part out loud,” and that the Biden administration is aware that the federal vaccination mandate is “likely illegal” – not unlike its eviction moratorium – “but they don’t care.”

He was referring to last month’s Supreme Court decision to block the implementation of the Biden administration’s move to prolong the temporary ban on evictions over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back then, SCOTUS ruled that the respective federal body, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) lacks the authority to re-impose the eviction moratorium without the approval of Congress.

A similar ruling could come from the Supreme Court with respect to OSHA and the vaccination mandate.

A number of Republicans, both state governors and members of Congress, already vowed to challenge the mandate in question.

Among those was Doug Ducey, the GOP governor of Arizona.

Ducey declared that Biden’s outrageous federal vaccination mandate is “exactly the kind” of “big government overreach” that the state of Arizona has been trying so hard to avoid for the sake of its people – only to have it now “hammered down” on them by the “Biden-Harris administration.”

SCOTUS might strike down Biden’s vaccination terror shortly – and his clueless incompetent chief of staff Ron Klain might be instrumental in that with his clueless “ultimate workaround” retweet.