As the nation marked the 20th year since the stupefying terrorist attacks on September 9, 2001, committed by al-Qaeda Islamist terrorists in New York City and Washington, DC, former President George W. Bush sought to reassure and uplift the hundreds of thousands of US military vets who fought in the war on terror in Afghanistan.

Bush comes forward with a strong 9/11 statement

Bush Jr., who was just a few months into his presidency when the 9/11 terrorist attacks were committed by al-Qaeda, led the charge to strike back against the terrorist jihadist network by destroying it and its host, the regime of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

His subsequent decision in 2003 to invade Iraq and topple the secularist dictatorship of Saddam Hussein has been controversial since but it cannot be denied that as a president he offered a very strong leadership.

While George W. Bush didn’t dwell on the recent ending – a disastrous one for the United States – of the war in Afghanistan that he started 20 years ago, and while he didn’t criticize Democrat President Joe Biden in his 9/11 20th anniversary speech – it was obvious that the former president was trying to console the countless war veterans who are feeling completely betrayed, disheartened and hopeless by the recent events.

More specifically, by Joe Biden’s abject treason as managed to lose the entire war in Afghanistan and maybe even the entire war on terror in a matter of weeks, or even days, or even hours as he pulled out American forces from Afghanistan in a totally incompetent manner, granting the Taliban a victory they hadn’t even dreamed of, plus a war equipment booty of $85 billion.

Having no other way to influence the current situation but through his reassuring message, George W. Bush used strong but precise and well-measured language in this address given on Saturday in Stoystown, Pennsylvania, at the Flight 93 National Memorial, the site where the courageous 44 passengers of hijacked United Flight 93 sacrificed their lives by fighting the al-Qaeda terrorists and prevented them from crashing the fourth plane into the US Capitol.

Nothing can tarnish you!

Bush emphasized that “millions of brave Americans” came forward to serve their nation in the wake of 9/11, over the entire 20 years since then.

He stressed further that “one thing is certain,” namely, that “we owe an assurance to all who fought” the most recent battles of the American nation.

Bush directly told the “veterans and people in uniform” that the call of duty they served espoused the “noblest” cause that America could offer, the cause of shielding the nation and defending freedom.

He told the military vets that nothing in the world “can tarnish your honor”, nor can anything “diminish your accomplishments,” and that the country will be grateful to them forever.

George W. Bush sought also to project a message of unity that was much clearer and more meaningful than anything that Joe Biden ever said, including in his pre-recorded 9/11 video address released on Friday night.

The 43rd president of the United States declared that a united America is “the truest version of ourselves.”

Regardless of what Biden made blurt out of his senile mouth about “unity”, however, his Democrat Party rapidly taken over by radical liberal leftists and Marxists that is constantly seeking to divide America as much as possible in its quest to establish a Marxist totalitarian regime – this much is painfully clear even on the 20th year since the 9/11 attacks, just days after the horrific Afghanistan treason.