President Donald Trump issued a special video address on the occasion of the 20th anniversary since the 9/11 terrorist attack by al-Qaeda, a Taliban ally, which killed almost 3,000 in New York City and Washington, DC back on September 11, 2001.

Trump’s message was just as much about honoring the victims and the first responders who saved numerous as it was – and rightfully so – about exposing the humiliating devastating defeat the Democrat president Joe Biden caused for America in Afghanistan, exposing it to graver security threats than before.

Biden looking like a fool

Trump’s video address was released on Saturday morning, after on Friday evening Biden’s staff put out a video of his own in which he told the story of a friend who lost a son on 9/11 and touted the virtues of Islam, without even mentioning – let alone apologizing – for the apocalypse that he caused for America in Afghanistan and for American security all the globe.

In his message, President Trump described September 11 as standing for “great sorrow for our country” – yet, he piled praise on the bravery of the American police, fire, and first responders from all services, saying that they a “truly unbelievable” job that day.

Trump, however, didn’t fail to address the humiliating elephant in the room of the Biden administration – namely, all the damage that it caused, led by its senile chief, for the United States in so many tangible and intangible ways, by bestowing the entire country of Afghanistan as a giant gift to the radical Islamist Taliban terrorists.

Trump mourned “the way our war” on the perpetrators of 9/11 “just ended last week.”

He emphasized Biden’s last-minute, botched evacuation from Afghanistan of Americans and US allies, and declared that the “loss” of 13 US troops who were killed on August 26 in a suicide bombing by ISIS “should never have happened.”

He added that the US had a total of $85 billion worth of “the finest” military equipment taken from it “without even a shot fired.”

Trump added that “the leader of our country” – i.e. the occupant of the White House, Joe Biden, “was made to look like a fool” – although it was technically Biden who made a fool of his own self, and who humiliated the United States tremendously.

‘America will be made great again’

POTUS 45 accused Biden and his administration of both “incredible weakness” and “bad planning” during the Afghanistan withdrawal, as though they “truly didn’t understand” what was going on.

Trump ended with the incredibly devastating but truthful conclusion that the 20th year of America’s war in Afghanistan “should have been” one “of victory and honor, and strength” but because of Biden’s inexplicable betrayal of America there has been none of those.

“Biden and his inept administration surrendered in defeat,” President Trump emphasized.

While he stated that America will survive, he noted that it will be “wounded” for a long time, and will be struggling in order to recover from what he said was “the embarrassment” caused by “the incompetence” of Joe Biden and his staff.

President Trump ended his statement by telling Americans not to fear despite all because “America will be made great again.”