As if in a small “celebratory” notice for the 20th year since the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, a report has revealed that the Department of Homeland Security (itself created because of Sept.11) has identified more than 40 people who are security threats, i.e. potential Islamist terrorists, among some 60,000 evacuees from Afghanistan already on US soil.

The United States has ended up having to take in tens of thousands of Afghans, supposedly US allies who worked for American entities during the 20-year war – because of Joe Biden who surrendered the entire country of Afghanistan to the murderous radical Islamist terrorists and al-Qaeda buddies known as the Taliban.

Wannabe terrorists coming as refugees

The fact that a total of 44 Afghan evacuees have been flagged as security risks by the DHS in the past two weeks was disclosed by The Washington Post, otherwise a liberal leftist propaganda pillar, saying that it examined relevant government records.

The report says about 60,000 Afghans have already made it to American soil since August 17, after a total of nearly 123,000 people were airlifted by the US and other Western nations in the evacuation rush.

Of the 44 security risks, 13 Afghans have been detained for additional screening, 15 have been returned to US bases in Europe or the Middle East, and another 16 remain in the transit sites overseas as they haven’t been clear to travel.

It was disclosed that two of those Afghans who were flagged raised concerns “for additional review” and have been sent to Kosovo for that purpose.

More who cause security concerns also follow them to the former Yugoslav province which is now an independent country strongly allied with the US.

On top of all that, the security evaluations have found at least some Afghan evacuees who had been deported from the US for crimes they committed in the past.

Last week, there were other media reports estimated that a total of about 100 Afghan refugees in the US may have been flagged as affiliated with terrorist groups, including the Taliban themselves.

They are also bringing us measles

Security concerns aside – and those clearly are aplenty – on Friday, the White House announced that flights bringing in Afghan refugees to America – “Operation Allies Welcome – have been stopped temporarily because of an outbreak of measles among the evacuees.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki revealed there have been four cases of measles diagnosed among recent Afghan evacuee arrivals in the United States.

In her words, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Controls has started to trace their contacts, and all infected have been quarantined.

All Afghans arriving in the United States are required to have had a vaccination against measles in order to be allowed to enter the country.

There are almost 10,000 Afghan evacuees still remaining in the Ramstein base of the US military in Germany.

So thanks to Joe Biden, many Afghans who America has had to take in because of his idiotic withdrawal are coming bearing “gifts” for us on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 – be it a terrorist mindset, be it a past criminal record in the US, or be it a measles infection.