Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker who calls her chamber’s Minority Leader a “moron” and deems herself a liberal leftist royalty far more entitled than Queen Elizabeth II, has gotten a big bite out of the $3.5 trillion communist spending package her Democratic Party wants to pass in Congress.

A proposal for rewarding her with a whopping $200 million in federal funding just for one single project – park improvement in her congressional district – has been made part of the insane $3.5 trillion spending package that the Democrats want to pour into mostly good-for-nothing communist-type projects – at the gigantic expense of the American taxpayer.

$200 million for a San Francisco golf course

The Republicans in the House, which has a 220-212 Democrat majority, have tried unsuccessfully to stop the $200 million allotments in Pelosi’s personal favor, The Washington Times reported.

The proposal officially became part of the tremendous budget reconciliation bill since any of the half a dozen amendments proposed by the GOP to make far better use of the said sum was defeated by the Democrats.

So if you’ve been wondering what the $3.5 trillion from the leftists’ spending bill would go to – wonder no more, it all seems to be destined for such glorious projects as the park rehabilitation in Pelosi’s home district.

More precisely, the $200 million will be spent on a 1,500-acre golf course and park, Presidio, located close to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

What’s even more sickening, however, has been the sycophantic praise that Pelosi got from her own party, in the best traditions of Commie formations around the world.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) in particular went all out on defending the lavish funding rewarding the leftist empress of the US Congress by arguing that she truly deserves the vast amount of federal money for her hometown due to all that hard work that she’s been putting into ruining America with her flawed legislation and dictatorial rule of the House of Representatives.

Cohen insisted that Pelosi “does more for America” “than any other member” – so much so that he would submit the $200 million allotment proposal to the US Congress “10 times.”

The sycophantic Tennessee Democrat also said that the House is running only thanks to Pelosi’s “working 24/7” “to keep this place going.”

US taxpayer gets stuck with the bill

On the other hand, the Republicans in the House were fully justified at being utterly appalled at what they described as an “obvious giveaway” and a “Pelosi payoff” – which would be squandered on a golf course in her hometown at a time when America is being pummeled by political calamities caused by the Democrats such as the intake of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees and millions of Latin American illegals, not to mention the lingering effects from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany was especially scathing about Cohen’s sycophantic a**-licking for Pelosi by stating that the latter’s comments “fully takes off the mask” of the allotment, disclose that it is nothing by a “Pelosi payoff”, in which the liberal leftist royalty has impudently put herself “before her office.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, another outspoken Republican, said the $200 million is going to “the powerful elites” from San Francisco who back Pelosi, while the “US taxpayer gets stuck with the bill.”

So if you’ve been wondering whether Pelosi could get more repugnant and shameless in benefiting from her position of power – she just did.

And she seems set to do so a lot more.