When the Pentagon carried out a deadly drone strike to kill an alleged ISIS suicide bomber near Kabul airport on August 29, during the ongoing chaotic evacuation of Americans and US allies from Afghanistan caused by Joe Biden’s incompetence, it may have actually dealt a devastating blow to the Biden administration itself.

Humanitarian worker waiting for US visa mistaken for ISIS operative

The drone strike was touted by the Biden administration as a success, and as having prevented a new suicide terrorist attack against US troops and the civilians flocking to the airport in Kabul, after three days earlier, on August 26, a suicide bomber from ISIS-K killed 13 US service members and hundreds of civilian Afghans.

However, instead of an ISIS bomber, the drone strike may have in fact killed 43-year-old Zameri Ahmadi, an aid worker for a US-based NGO who was loading water canisters in his car, plus nine family members, including seven children!

What’s particularly notable is that the report in question seems to be a matter of “friendly fire” – it comes from nowhere else by the Biden- and Democrat-friendly newspaper The New York Times, one of the top pillars of vile liberal leftist and Marxist propaganda in the United States.

In its reaction to the report, the Pentagon leadership of the Biden administration maintained that the drone strike still prevented a major terrorist threat.

In the NYT report, however, the family of Ahmadi details how the explosion killed 10 of their family members.

In his “victory”, i.e. miserable surrender speech on August 31, Biden glorified his disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, plus America’s ability to target terrorists from the air, without any mention of the civilians killed, including children.

Zameri Ahmadi, who seems to have been mistaken by the Pentagon for an ISIS suicide bomber with his car, worked for Nutrition and Education International, a US-based aid group.

On the day when he was blown up, according to The New York Times, he was running regular errands as part of his job, and loaded in his car water jugs for his family.

The report cites surveillance videos and witnesses.

‘Devastating’ and ‘disastrous’ for the Biden administration

Ahmadi’s brother Emal told the NYT that all those killed in the August 29 strike were innocent and that Ahmadi was actually seeking refugee status from the US government based on his work for the NGO.

The children reportedly killed in the drone strike were three of Ahmadi’s own children, 10-year-old Farzad, 16-year-old Faisal, and 20-year-old Zamir; three of Ahmadi’s nephews, 2-year-old Hayat, 6-year-old Benyamin, and 7-year-old Arwin; two 3-year-old girls, Somaya and Malika; and Ahmadi’s 30-year-old cousin Naser.

Ahmadi’s 1996 car, a Toyota Corolla, was hit by the MQ-9 Reaper drone of the US Air Force as he was arriving home from work, having loaded up canisters of water for his family, as the water services in the neighborhood had been cut off – which is proven by video footage, according to the NYT.

As Ahmadi arrived home, all the children who got killed were rushing out of the house to greet him and were around his car. The Corolla was struck with a Hellfire missile while its engine kept running.

According to cited US officials, the Reaper drone operator scanned the area and saw only one man greeting the vehicle, assessing that no noncombatants, women, or children would get killed in the ensuing strike.

Commenting upon the NYT report about the reportedly completely botched drone attack, GOP Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul said that if true, it would be another proof of the “most competent withdrawal” in US history, and a “devastating” and “disastrous” fact for the Biden administration.