WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT: Biden's partners, the Taliban, behead Afghan soldier, celebrate with severed head in sickening video - remind us what post-9/11 war was all about

The administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has not only surrendered America to the murderous radical Islamist terrorists known as the Taliban – but has also been treating them as partners and praising them for supposedly helping with the horribly chaotic and botched evacuation of Americans and US allies.

Beheading celebration

A freshly leaked video, however, has shown once again the kind of evil, dark force that Biden surrendered to and has been partnering with over the recent weeks in Afghanistan – and remind once again of the main reasons that previous US administration fought them for 20 years in the first place.

The shows several Taliban militants beheading an unnamed Afghan soldier.

The sight is particularly hellish since after they cut off the man’s head, they hold it up by the hair in celebration and start chanting in praise of their leader.

This is precisely the type of barbaric monsters who helped al-Qaeda hijack passenger planes and crash them in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

It is unclear when exactly the 36-second video clip was shot but it must be fairly recent since it was posted a week ago in a private chat room of the Taliban.

The clip was acquired by The Washington Examiner which reported on it.

It is very likely that the shocking beheading of the Afghan soldier by Taliban militants occurred after August 17, when the leaders of the terrorist movement vowed amnesty for those who served the US-backed government of Afghanistan.

The beheaded soldier in the video is wearing a dark green uniform such as those provided to the former Afghan military by the US.

The video shows a total of six Taliban murderers, five have rifles while the sixth can be seen holding two bloodied knives from the beheading.

A seventh person is filming.

The beheaded solder is seen lying on his back somewhere in the desert, with his head on top of his chest.

The executioner then raises the bloody weapons in the air, as the men are chanting, “Mujaheddin!”, an Arab word for guerilla fighters.

Then they start shouting that “long life” to the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Haybat Uallah Akhunzada.

Towards the end of the video, the leader of the group shouts to the rest to shoot the beheaded soldier because “he has to look shot.”

Nasser Von Waziri, an Afghan security consultant, is cited as commented that he would never trust the Taliban because terrorists are “always” terrorists.

Entire field with bones and body parts

The report also cites Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc, who was a Special Ops commander overseeing the training of the Afghan police and army.

He said he was sickened by the video, and emphasized that “this is what we’re going to be dealing with.”

Bolduc emphasized that the Biden administration has decided “to deal” with this “kind of people”, surrendering an entire country to them.

He added that the Taliban commit crimes against humanity much more horrifying than other groups and that some of their torture methods include skinning people alive.

Bolduc also revealed that during his 10 tours in Afghanistan as a head of Special Ops teams he saw three beheaded victims and that the Taliban could behead anybody who they consider infidels and who commit crimes against Shariah law.

When Bolduc’s team arrived in Afghanistan for the first time, they discovered an entire soccer field that the Taliban used for murders, including hanging, shooting, and beheading of their victims, with gallows in one section, and bones and other body parts stacked in a pile.

Those savagely murdered included women and children.

The US Special Ops commander said “there is nothing good about” the Taliban, and that they are “bad to the bone.”

He lambasted the Obama administration for letting go many of them – referring to those swapped in 2014 for a US deserter in Taliban captivity, who are now serving in top positions in the new Taliban government.

Thank you, Sleepy Joe Biden, for partnering up with such barbaric, medieval, savage murderers!

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