Instead of hiding somewhere in some underground bunker out of shame of the security, reputational, and human havoc he just wreaked with his apocalyptic pullout from Afghanistan, Democrat President Joe Biden now only showed up at all major events for the remembrance of the 20th year since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, but has also been talking nonsense in his own defense.

The evidently senile occupant of the White House, who is technically the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military on the planet, and, by extension and by default, also the supposed “leader” of the Free World, committed blatant anti-American treason with his unbelievably mismanaged, botched and chaotic pullout – to the joy and entertainment of America’s powerful enemies and to the dismay and horror of our allies.

Nonetheless, he has never admitted a single of the myriad of blunders involved in that, and he has never apologized – but has managed to repugnantly disrespect in numerous ways the families of the 13 US troops that he got killed by ISIS during the chaotic evacuation through the airport in Kabul.

Those might be of his most moronic answers

As Biden attended a memorial service for the victims of 9/11 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where 44 brave regular Americans fought bloodthirsty al-Qaeda monsters, professional terrorists, and thus prevented a plane crashing into the US Capitol, reporters managed to ask the Democrat president on his way out.

And he gave utterly moronic answers in his defense of the deranged carrying out of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden first admitted that al-Qaeda could “come back” – “but guess what” – he added almost happily – “it’s already back” in “other places.”

Imagine that!

So because al-Qaeda, which wants nothing but America’s complete annihilation, has managed to regroup in some places, Biden thought, “Hey, let’s also give it Afghanistan so it can regroup better!”

But wait, it gets more moronic.

From the American Commander-in-Chief and “leader” of the Free World.

He then asked rhetorically if “we’re going to invade” every place “where al-Qaeda is” – and adding a blistering, “C’mon!”

Now that’s how you defend the good people of the United States of America – by sending our defense and national security to the dogs and saying, “C’mon!”

Come on, leave the old man alone – he probably isn’t aware of why and that he is in the White House – after all, he’s given indications he still thinks he’s a senator.

This is beyond deranged!

Here it gets even more deranged.

Biden defended his incredible fiasco by stating that “I’m told 70% of Americans” wanted to get out of Afghanistan.

Of course, they did.

They also didn’t want Islamist murderer terrorists to kill almost 3,000 of us on 9/11/2001.

But there is a harsh reality in this world, and the Commander-in-chief’s job is to tackle that successfully.

Then Biden added some more insanity: “but the flip of it” was that the American public “didn’t like the way we got out.”


Just when did Sleepy Joe the Senile I become so perceptive!?

There is a “flip”!

And he knows, actually, knows about!?

Now that’s something new in American politics as of late.

Trying to cover up your absolute failure by claiming the American people wanted something – of course, they did – but they wanted it done right – and it could have been done right even by a 5-year-old, as President Trump suggested.

And then it got even absolutely more insane.

Biden seemed to be talking all on his own about the fact that Afghan men were clinging to the wheels of American airplanes leaving Kabul in order to escape from the Taliban.

He argued that this would have happened anywhere – for example, in Tajikistan – if the US went in and said that we’d take in anyone “involved in being sympathetic to us” – people would still cling to the wheels of the airplanes.

And then Biden added one more of his deranged “C’mon!”-s.

No more comment.