Muslims, typically radicalized ones, and liberal leftist and Marxist “useful idiots” love to accuse everybody who disagrees with or criticizes the former of “Islamophobia” – like it’s the greatest sin in the world!

And like a Westerner isn’t allowed to defend his or her religion, culture, heritage, identity, and secularism just because he or she will be branded an “Islamophobe”.

They somehow think it’s gonna be like, “Oh, no!!! Some mindless, hellish radical brainwashed moron has labeled us ‘Islamophobic’, just what are going to do now?!?”

The reality is that both groups – radicalized Muslims / Islamists, and liberal Marxists – hate America’s guts! – albeit for different reasons.

Their different motivation hasn’t stopped them from bonding, plus they love each other’s radicalism.

Sort of like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin bonded very well for quite a while.

All in all, both groups wish to see everything that is American, Western, Christian, secular (Marxism is practically a religion with Marx as its top prophet) – and anything civilized burn and die and be damned for eternity.

That goes for both groups, for those identified with them who live in America, and who have benefited tremendously from American freedom, democracy, economy, culture, and education.

And the more they benefit from it, the more they hate it and the more they wish to destroy it.

They don’t just completely lack in morals – they are growing more and more brazen and have no shame whatsoever.

And today’s America – the one dominated by the radical left, which is empowered by its alliance with Big Tech – is allowing it.

Because in most other countries around the globe such impudent sedition would have been met with very different measures and very different fate.

Young American Muslim happily dishonoring the memory of 9/11 victims

A Muslim “student senator” from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, has just demonstrated how this works out – and done so exactly in the morning of the 20th anniversary since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The esteemed young Muslim gentleman named Fadel Alkilani – whose views may be something of a mixture between Islamism and Marxism, judging from his tirade – got up early and removed from a lawn a total of 2,977 mini American flags placed there to honor the memory of all the victims killed 20 years ago by radical Muslims in New York City, the Washington, DC area, and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in possibly the most dishonorable, perfidious and monstrous way possible.

For those who need a reminder such as Mr. Alkilani – not that it means anything to him – but they did it by hijacking civilian airplanes and crashing them into key buildings, thus forcibly turning the innocent, unaware passengers into human explosives killing their own compatriots.

Never mind Alkilani, he clearly believes that his Muslim civilization is far superior to the infidels in the United States.

He grabbed all of the miniature American flags – each of them representing a soul destroyed by radical Muslims – from a memorial called “9/11: Never Forget Project” and tossed them into blue trash bags.

Luckily, he was caught red-handed and filmed by a young American patriot named Nathaniel Hope, a member of the College Republicans at the university.

Alkilani, the “chairman of the student senate finance committee” at the school, showed no remorse whatsoever, according to Hope – not that anybody would expect that he would, doing what he did.

The video was shared on Twitter by the Young Americans for Freedom, a patriotic group, and Alkilani brazenly told them that the mini-flags were “a violation of school rules” and he actually didn’t violate any rules.

A 1960s Soviet-style anti-imperialist rant to justify a seditious crime

Alkilani later put out an utterly idiotic “anti-imperialist” statement with all sorts of Soviet Union-style propaganda against the United States which could have been authored by some of the best communist propagandists in Moscow in the 1960s in which he basically implies that the near 3,000 victims of 9/11 amount to nothing – while America’s involvement in the Middle East since then caused 900,000 deaths and some 40-60 million displacements.

And he claimed that his destruction of the 9/11 memorial was an act of protest.

Sure it was.

And if he could assassinate every single American out there – except for the useful idiot types succumbing to his vile propaganda – he might gladly do.

So simply because America has the freedom and is democratic and allows criticism and self-criticism, there are those who hate it and who would take advantage of all of that to try to bring it down.

These nasty radicals behave as though America owes them something, a lot of things, especially its destruction.

Which is nowhere near being the case.

And let’s not forget that such an act of sedition by an American or even by a local in the overwhelming majority of Muslim counties around the world would see the perpetrator beg for mercy in no time.

No in America.

We allow them to benefit from our country and they don’t just spit in our face, they want us destroyed.