The kind of vicious cretins that have been allowed to spring up and thrive in America’s college campuses and higher education system – it’s unbelievable!

One gets the feeling that it is populated entirely by utterly moronic, outrightly evil, and purely seditious Marxist and communist “educators” of the kind that deserve nothing else but a one-way ticket to North Korea – so that over there they can blurt idiotism against America and capitalism as much as they love while “enjoying” the “niceties” of real Marxism-communism!

At this point, it seems certain that university professors in the former Soviet Union were more honest, less bigoted, and less brainwashed than many of the vile American Marxist professors whose sole dream is to achieve “greatness” by destroying the American nation.

An ardent, seditious anti-white racist

The latest cretin Marxist college “professor” is Jenn M. Jackson from Syracuse University, who teaches political science – and who might as well have received her degree from Pyongyang University, with a specialization at the summer academy of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade.

Jackson is making headlines by committing a highly seditious act of defending the al-Qaeda radical Islamist terrorists who killed 2,977 people on 9/11 – because they, according to her deranged communist mind and clearly failed political science education, committed an “attack on heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems.”

She also added in a tweet that those “heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems” are what “many white Americans are fighting to protect.”

Basically, the wretched Marxist’s definition of “heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems” – which is beyond nonsensical by itself – was lacking a racial “class struggle” component – so she immediately added it.

And she did by blaming it – together with all possible evil in the universe – on white people. As this case demonstrates, there are abject anti-white racists who hate whites so much that if one alien nation commits massacres of another alien nation somewhere in space – the racialist-Marxist types will style blame it on the white race.

The seditious terrorist-loving Marxist anti-American cretin added also “America relies” on those “heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems” – which might be the dumbest bundling together of words in the English language ever – in order to “wrangle other countries into passivity” – whatever the hell that means in Jackson’s ignorant communist head.

Not to worry, she’s a ‘they’

The “professor” of political science, who isn‘t just an ardent anti-white racist but also seems to be an avid transgenderist because she uses the pronouns “they/them” to refer to herself, spewed out the seditious tweets on September 10, and then made them private after the natural and very well justified backlash.

Her sheer cretinism was mocked quickly on Twitter by numerous users.

Some joked al-Qaeda’s murderous late leader Osama bin Laden must have been opposed to “heteropatriarchy”, either.

Or that he must have been a “feminist.”

Journalist Megyn Kelly, a political science graduate from Syracuse University, just plain and simple told Jackson to “F right the hell off.”

Montreal Institute for Genocide director Kyle Matthews tweeted wondering what the “professor” thinks about Boko Haram and ISIS.

While it hardly makes sense to try to ask a Marxist-communist pro-terrorism cretin any kind of a sensible question, the best guess would be that she loves them very much.