The ugly head of radical leftist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has popped up once again as she launched a vicious attack against Joe Manchin, the Senator from West Virginia, because he declared himself absolutely against the squandering of $3.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money by the administration of Joe Biden.

‘Build Back Better’ by squandering $3.5 trillion of taxpayer money

AOC used all kinds of nasty insults and lies in order to discredit Manchin, a conservative Democrat who might be one of the few Democratic Party legislators with common sense and decency.

Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the US House from the state of New York, must be so mad at Joe Manchin for the same reason that any true and thus truly evil communist and Marxist is mad when they are prevented from abusing state money: probably because they were hoping to somehow personally benefit from it.

After Sleepy Joe Biden entered the White House, and the Democrats gained an unconvincing majority in the US Congress, they have really been going to town on unprecedented communist-style gigantic state spending – or at least on making big plans in that regard.

Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” $3.5 trillion plan for social and environmental spending – i.e for sinking giant state funds into the pockets of many entitled people on the left – is the crown jewel in that regard.

In the spring, the Democrats managed to get through Congress a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, and are now also about to get approved a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package.

Sen. Joe Manchin made it clear that there is no way that he would acquiesce to the $3.5 trillion spending spree lunacy, and that it must be reduced by more than half – even as the insanely radical leftist and “progressivist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), who is presently working on “Build Back Better” said that the original plan was for a $6 trillion spending package.

That’s right, the communists have no stopping when it comes to stealing and spending other people’s money – that’s the favorite thing of communists and Marxists, other than mass murder and genocide.

AOC considers herself neither young nor a lady

Since AOC appears utterly enraged by Manchin’s honesty and common sense, she has been trying to come up with new ways of attacking him.

After the West Virginia Senator spoke on CNN on Sunday about his adamant opposition to the $3.5 trillion bill, AOC went berserk, spewing out nasty posts on Twitter one after another.

Manchin said he didn’t know well “that young lady”, and that “she’s speculating and saying things.”

AOC reacted by first exploding over the fact that Manchin had called her “young lady” – apparently, she considers herself neither “young,” nor a “lady” – so next time Manchin should probably address her as that “old man” – or a “non-binary all-sexual being of any age” – so as not to offend her in identity political terms, the kind she loves to impose on people.

AOC went much further, however – last week she already accused the elderly gentleman of “killing people” because he is opposed to the bill and she and the likes of her won’t be allowed to squander absolutely insane amounts of taxpayer money to enrich other Marxists.

The other accusation she threw at Manchin was of having “weekly huddles” with Exxon and fossil fuels industry lobbyists, and of engaging in “‘bipartisan’ corruption” masqueraded as “moderation.”

The only thing that the poor elderly conservative Democrat Senator said was that the “type of superlatives” AOC was throwing his way are “just awful” – and they continue to cause division.

Manchin then summed up his opposition to the $3.5 trillion spending bill: he said he is opposed to it “because it makes no sense at all.”

He is right.

It only makes sense to the likes of AOC: shameless, impudent Marxists eager to grab more and more power and through it more and more wealth while interfering with everyone’s personal lives by forcing them to love wokeism, transgenderism, and Marxism.