New York Democrat, “progressivist” and vicious Marxist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is by now a world champion of hypocrisy: she holds the “masses” in total contempt while brainwashing them into her wokeist, transgenderist, and communist agenda.

One of the top three characteristics of communists, socialists, and the other types of Marxist scum is that they preach “working class” ethics to the masses while enjoying to the fullest their status, power, and the wealth they “somehow” manage to accrue with them.

In other words, they just love reveling in duplicitous populism.

Socialist at the fanciest gala for celebrities – and she enjoyed it!

Thus, it’s hardly surprising that AOC just showed up to a super luxury gala with very pricey admission wearing an expensive dress with an inscription reading, “Tax the rich.”

On Monday night she went to the Met Gala, known as perhaps the most elitist get-together for American celebrities together with her boyfriend Riley Roberts.

Before the super classy event, the 31-year-old vile America-hating communist got ready for at the upper-class Carlyle Hotel on the upper-class Upper East Side.

The must be socialism all the way.

Actually, it is – ask the citizens of any former communist country and they will tell you how much the Marxists love to revel in riches while despising the common folk.

Tables at the Met Gala can cost more than 200,000.

AOC claimed that she was given a ticket for free but that could not be verified and the organizers don’t usually do that.

Ocasio-Cortez felt no shame talking to Vogue at the event where she declared herself a “working-class woman” but admitted to wanting “to enjoy the event”.

She claimed she did it all with the purpose of breaking “the fourth wall” and challenging “the industry.”

As though her repugnant, disgusting hypocrisy combined with a posturing revealing severe inferiority complexes weren’t enough, on Tuesday morning AOC took to Instagram to claim what tremendous public good she did by going to the super fancy gala.

AOC has the impudence to tell us the American tax code is “f**d up”

AOC declared that thanks to her dress, people went to Google to search for the expression “tax the rich,” and began to discuss how “f**d up” the American tax code is.

Then she added more populist rambling about funding healthcare, childcare, student loan forgiveness, and climate action.

Ocasio-Cortez’s hypocrisy was immediately called out by countless social media users who accused her of enjoying the hyper fancy party and trying to pass that off as an act of her political cause.

Reports point out that AOC has previously posted on Vanity Fair’s cover and that she drives a Tesla worth $35,000.

She also claims to be a grassroots Bronx native – “100%” – even though she actually grew up in Worchester, a wealthy suburb of New York City.

Marxists like AOC love duping the masses and taking advantage of them.

They will keep doing it as long as “the masses”, as per the Marxist lingo, allow that to happen.