Democrat President Joe Biden has managed to amass so much disgrace in just 7-8 months as the occupant of the White House – from creepily staring at an underage girl’s crossed legs and talking about it to miserably losing for America the 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan by letting rag-wearing tribal Islamists defeat the greatest military and economic power the world has ever known.

Apparently, Biden loves disgrace, and the more hypocritical and anti-American it is, the better.

That is why, in the first place, he hasn’t done anything to stop the terrifying radicalization of his Democratic Party, as it is being pushed further and further to the far left by “progressives” and other vile Marxists, wokeists, and transgenderists.

Biden loves AOC’s duplicitous dress

Among those who are rapidly turning the Democratic Party – whatever merit that political formation might have had in the past for the United States – into the Chinese Communist Party or the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the repugnant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The far-left New York congresswoman caused a scandal this week after attending the Met Gala, the most fabulous and lavish annual event in US celebrity culture – all the while preaching about working-class values and claiming to be a regular girl from the Bronx whereas she actually grew up in affluent Worchester.

To truly cement her repulsive duplicity, AOC went to the Met Gala wearing a fancy dress, supposedly rented, inscribed with the political slogan “Tax the rich” – and she even had the cheek to claim that this way she was supposedly raising awareness about – well, taxing the rich.

Frankly, she would tax anybody – the way Commies around the world love to do – so that she then as a politician can abuse the taxpayer money collected by the state.

A day after AOC went to the event where admission costs roughly $35,000 per person, Sleepy Joe Biden woke up for a while to disgrace himself further by posting a tweet in support of her hypocrisy.

Or probably he didn’t even wake up and wasn’t aware but his staffers posted it – the disgrace is all the same.

Biden’s Twitter account said “it’s time” for the “super-wealthy and big corporations” to “pay their fair share in taxes” – probably so that his administration can squander that money with insane spending packages such as his $3.5 trillion thing called “Build Back Better.”

The Marxists ‘have a precious opportunity’

AOC, who seems to be just as sycophantic as she is hypocritical – both of those key traits for a Commie apparatchik – jumped at the chance to blurt out more nonsense.

She tweeted in response that she “couldn’t agree more” with Sleepy Joe and that “tax the rich” will allow the likes of her to squander trillions on climate, healthcare, childcare, “and so much more”.

AOC added “we have a precious opportunity” with the “Build Back Better Act” – “we” probably being the Marxists controlling the US government under Biden – and the opportunity being to squander at will and also enrich themselves.

The Build Back Better package wants to spend $3.5 trillion – and Commie senator Bernie Sanders originally wanted to make it worth $6 trillion – can you imagine!

Hopefully, the likes of “conservative” Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia will manage to cut it drastically.

Don’t forget the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package and the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill also in the making.

The lavish communist-type state spending that the Biden administration wants to make at the expense of the taxpayers, business, and our future generations – as it is accruing tremendous amounts of debt – is just staggering.