California’s utterly incompetent Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday survived the recall vote after a lavish funded all-out campaign offensive in the past couple of weeks succeeded in substantially tipping the scales in his favor.

Even in his pathetic victory speech, Newsom kept lashing out at President Donald Trump – even as the latter wasn’t on the California recall ballot, and isn’t even holding any kind of elected office at the moment.

Newsom thinks he was running against Trump

About an hour after the voting closed, major liberal leftist mainstream media such as NBC, CNN, and ABC, called the recall election for the incumbent governor, who would end up surviving with about 60% saying “No” to his removal.

After the tallying of 65% of the votes cast, a total of 66.2% voted in Newsom’s favor, and 33.8% said “yes” to recall him.

The Democrat governor got an early boost in the polling numbers since the mail-in ballots from Los Angeles County were tallied early.

In his tearful victory speech in Sacramento, Newsom claimed to have been “humbled” and “resolved in the spirit” of his “political hero Robert Kennedy”, and vowed “make more gentle the life of this world” – whatever the hell that nonsense means.

He was quick to lash out at President Donald Trump for saying that the California recall elections might be rigged.

Newsom even added some dumb metaphor about democracy not being “a football” but “an antique vase.”

A true friend of repugnant Nancy Pelosi, Newsom also revealed he thought Trump was on the ballot against him since he bragged that “we” “have defeated Trump” – however, he added that “Trumpism is not dead” – apparently meaning to scare his delusional leftist electorate.

He was saying it as though that was a bad thing – whereas it is a great thing for America.

Elder remains gracious no matter what

Meanwhile, Republican frontrunner Larry Elder, who would have become California’s new governor if more than 50% of the voters had voted “yes,” conceded his election loss at campaign headquarters in a Hilton hotel in Costa Mesa, in the pro-GOP Orange County.

Elder declared that one must “be gracious in defeat”, adding that “We may have lost the battle… but are going to win the war.”

He reminded of all of Gavin Newsom’s egregious failures as governor of the state, noting that he doesn’t deserve even a day more in the governor’s seat – and yet, the conservative recognized the loss of the recall vote.

Elder emphasized that thanks to his campaign Newsom is now forced to attend many problems that he utterly ignored or exacerbated earlier such as homelessness, schools, forests, energy.

Previously, Elder suggested he might contest the results because they might be “shenanigans,” and his campaign launched a website called “Stop California Fraud” for reporting any potential voter fraud incidents.

Elder’s speech hinted that he might run for governor of California again, this time at the regular election in 2022, in 14 months.