A seemingly sickly Joe Biden made a speech in Long Beach, California, on Monday night to support the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, a fellow socialist populist, ahead of the Sept. 14 recall election – and the Democrat President coughed the entire time.

The event was yet another painful to watch piece of evidence of elderly Sleepy Joe Biden’s potentially frightening health condition – he could barely get through the 15-minute speech.

Elder closest thing to Trump? Good.

Biden was forced by his dry throat to cough so much that at one point he had to stop, excuse himself, and drink from his water bottle.

Before the rally for Newsom’s supporters on the Long Beach City College campus, Biden went with Newsom to inspect damage caused by wildfires in the area of Sacramento.

During his speech, he uttered what was supposed to be an insult but is actually a compliment: he called Larry Elder, the conservative radio host who is the top Republican rival of Newsom, a “Trump clone” – what an offense!

Sleepy and Coughy Joe went further by telling the California voters that they had a choice between sticking with the pathetic and incompetent Gavin Newsom as governor, and “getting” Donald Trump – respectively, Larry Elder.

He told the leftist crowd that last year he competed against “the real Donald Trump” whereas this year Larry Elder is Trump’s “closest thing.”

Amid his coughing, Biden even managed to ask the crowd rhetorically if they could imagine Elder as governor of California and told them that they just can’t let it happen.

Sleepy Joe also went after the Republican governors – with Elder a potential new one – lambasting them for allegedly being anti-science and anti-vaxx.

‘I can’t believe this guy!’

Biden then ridiculously compared the COVID-19 vaccines with vaccines for diseases such as mumps and measles, which were developed decades ago.

Then that very same Biden had the cheek to talk about “hypocrisy” and “inconsistency” – imagine that!

The disastrous Democrat president then attacked Larry Elder on climate change, telling the leftist crowd to “protect” California from “another Trump climate denier”

The sickly Biden as well as Newsom himself also tried to make fun of the Republican frontrunner for questioning the need for a minimum wage.

“I can’t believe this guy!” Biden said, uttering the same question that a growing number of Americans have been blurting about him even before he got to become an occupant of the White House.

During Biden’s campaign visit, Newsom’s cheeky adviser Sean Clegg told reporters that there was “no scenario” in which the Democrat governor of California would be recalled.

In the meantime, as Biden was speaking and coughing, protesters could be heard in the background yelling, “Recall Newsom!”

Which is exactly what the voters should do.