Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden’s catastrophe in Afghanistan – actually, it is a catastrophe for America caused by him – is just so egregious that it is amazing that the American public isn’t much more indignant and more fuming about it.

Even if the mainstream leftist propaganda media manage to dull the unbelievably scandalous damages that Biden inflicted upon the United States, the true and very serious ramifications will be here to stay for decades to come.

That is why it helps the American public fathom the scope of the Biden fiasco that there are patriotic Americans out there who have put in their own resources into some “visual aids” for that purpose.

Biden as a true Taliban

One such instance of amazingly accurate depictions of what Sleepy Joe Biden and his gang of clueless but vile liberal leftist aides caused for the United States and our allies – and how they managed to bestow striking victories and benefits to America’s enemies – has been the installing of billboards in the state of Pennsylvania by an American patriot.

The billboards in question portray Joe Biden dressed in the attire of the typical radical Islamist rag-wearing militant from Afghanistan sporting an RPG, and feature the inscription, “Making the Taliban Great Again.”

Both the depictions and the message are dead on!

It is striking that it is even incomprehensible how Biden humiliated the greatest power the world has ever known by surrendering to the Taliban, a few tens of thousands badly trained, badly equipped, medieval-minded fanatics who never expected to win.

Actually, nobody expected that they will ever win.

But here came Sleepy Joe the gerontocrat, supported by his incompetent far-left aides, and turned it all around in no time, squandering 20 years of American toil, blood, sweat, money and patience – because the US wasn’t just fighting a war there.

We were building up a democratic society on top of millennia of tribalism in the midst of the Central Asian mountains – so that its people wouldn’t be tempted to subscribe to the murderous ideologies of jihadist terrorism.

Instead, Joe Biden went in and brought back to power the Taliban who 20 year ago had brought Afghanistan back to the Middle Ages, and who aided and abetted al-Qaeda to hijack US passenger jets and crash them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

A total of 15 billboards in the state of Pennsylvania showing Biden “Making the Taliban Great Again” have been put by 65-year-old Scott Wagner, a former Republican senator in the state legislature in 2014-2018, who also ran for governor of the state in 2018 on behalf of the GOP.

‘Like Vietnam – even worse’

Wagner easily revealed himself to behind the stunt, after people started wondering who put up the rather ingenious billboards, as cited by Fox News and The Daily Mail.

He correctly stated the truth: that with the utterly botched pullout Joe Biden “made us the laughing stock of the world.”

He added that the Taliban have been clearly “very emboldened” and are claiming that they single-handedly drove America out of Afghanistan.

Wagner wondered what should be said not only to the American veterans of Afghanistan but also to the families who lost their loved ones fighting for America’s freedom and ideals in the Middle East.

The former state senator, who paid $15,000 for the truth-telling billboards out of his own pocket, said Biden’s “ego and lack of information” caused the Afghanistan disaster, which is going to “prove to be very bad” for America.

He said because of Biden, Afghanistan has become “like Vietnam – even worse.”

Just as his billboards’ depiction and message, his commentary on the situation is dead-on.