Sleepy Joe Biden and his administration of the clueless America haters stirring crisis after crisis, and each new one is just horrifyingly bigger than the next.

The most egregious of the crises it’s managed to stir have been the all-out illegal immigration crisis at the US-Mexican border where all of Latin America has been allowed to cross freely and settle at will in the United States – and the absolutely disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.

Apparently, the Biden administration is going back and forth between those two, because, now that it has caused an abject defeat and an unconditional surrender for America to the radical Islamist Taliban, its focus is back on the border and stimulating as many illegal immigrants as possible to cross it.

Getting islanders to flock to cross America’s land border

This time the Biden administration has managed to cause an even more remarkable feat: it’s managed to get thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants from an island nation to flock to the land border with Mexico in order to cross freely and settle in our country.

The island nation in question is Haiti – which is among the poorest countries in the world and keeps getting pummeled by devastating earthquakes and political crises.

Somehow, about 10,000 Haitians have ended up crossing the US-Mexican land border, which is thousands of miles away from their island, and, having done that, are now living in absolutely squalid conditions under a giant bridge in Texas.

To top it all off, the Biden administration has tried to cover it all up by having the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) ban all flights over the US-Mexican border, thus preventing drones from snapping photos and video footage of the 10,000 or so Haitians camping out beneath the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, at the Del Rio Port of Entry.

Hours before the FAA ban was instituted on Friday, drones of Fox News managed to capture shocking video footage of the thousands and thousands of illegals camping under the bridge and awaiting their processing by Border Patrol.

10,000 in 8 days

The Biden administration has contributed a great deal to making Haitian illegal immigrants make the trip from their island in the Caribbean to Mexico and from there to the Texas border because, on September 8, Biden himself canceled the flights deporting migrants to Haiti, while the Department of Homeland Security gave temporary protected status (TPS) to the citizens of the island nation.

The change allows Haitians to flock to the US because under the TPS they cannot be sent back to their country as it is hit by manmade or natural disasters.

They are also allowed to live in America without legal status.

Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz raised alarm on Friday by revealing that within just 8 days, the population of the migrant camp in Del Rio, Texas, went from 700 to a total of 10,503, and the vast majority of the illegals are from Haiti.

There are also illegal immigrants coming to the land border all the way from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, albeit in smaller numbers.

Under the “wise guidance” of the Biden administration, an average of some 200,000 people from Latin America have been crossing the US border illegally every month.

The surge in Haitian arrival may drive the figure further up, not to mention the 60,000 Afghans evacuated to the US after the botched withdrawal.

If the Biden administration is excelling at one thing, it is the inundating of the United States with illegal immigrants from the Third World.