The damage that Joe Biden has done to America by losing deliberately or through sheer incompetence the 20-year war in Afghanistan is quickly spilling beyond the actual loss of the entire Central Asian country to radical Islamism and beyond the senile Democrat president’s domestic political ratings.

Biden has really done it!

The damage is already downgrading America’s global status and position and poisoning its relationship with absolutely vital American allies.

US can’t even beat some ragtag Taliban

Australia is among the top US allies and its importance is only poised to grow exponentially due to its location in the wider Indo-Pacific region.

While the Biden administration has just announced a new security alliance deal on nuclear submarines together with the UK and Australia – but this supposed small win in foreign and security policy has proven very short-lived in political PR terms.

That is because a former Prime Minister of Australia did not hesitate to speak out slamming the deal his country made with America due to the miserable and humiliating defeat that Sleepy Joe Biden and his cohort of worthless incompetents caused for us.

Paul Keating, who served as Prime Minister of Australia from 1991 until 1996, issued a statement on Thursday lambasting the submarine deal casting serious doubt on whether it is a good idea for his nation to lock itself with America in order to counteract China’s growing power.

His reasoning is rather blunt and pragmatic: if the United States “with all its might” is unable to defeat “a bunch of Taliban rebels with AK-47s in pickup trucks” – then what chance does it stand against China “in a full-blown war”!?

He emphasized that China is the largest state in the world – apparently referring to its population – and that it has the largest landmass in Asia – apparently excluding Russia.

Keating has been left wondering by Biden’s moronic defeat in Afghanistan – and he isn’t the only one – US enemies have been pleasantly surprised by the disastrous pullout, while US allies have quickly started to second-guess their supposedly robust alliances with America.

America under question

In more specific terms, the former prime minister argued that Australia has recently had difficulty in operating even several home-built conventional submarines, and it will be even harder for it to maintain and operate nuclear submarines.

Keating argued that Australia is making itself “hostage” to America’s need to maintain a supply chain through the entire Pacific to the region of East Asia.

In his words, the nuclear submarine agreement is causing “further dramatic loss” to the sovereignty of Australia through the dependency on the United States.

In all his criticism, however, Keating went back to Biden’s cataclysmic surrender in Afghanistan to the radical Islamist Taliban.

He declared that the nuclear submarine agreement is happening at a time when America’s “reliability and resolution” with respect to its “commitments and military engagement” have come “under question.”

With Biden at the helm, indeed they have – like never before.