The way Joe Biden and his administration keep causing major disasters for the United States, we might not even “have a country in left” by the next presidential election, President Donald Trump warned in an interview, offering a criticism of Sleepy Joe and his leftist apparatchiks that is just as truthful as it scathing.

Downhill like nobody’s ever seen

Speaking with Newsmax journalist Sean Spicer – who also served as his White House press secretary – Trump painted an extremely gloomy but also devastatingly realistic picture of the United States under the Marxist, wokeist and transgenderist rule of Joe Biden, declaring none of America will be “left in three years.”

The 45th President of the United States emphasized that “our country” has been going “really downhill in the last eight months” so much as that it’s been “like nobody’s ever seen before.”

Trump reiterated that the November 2020 election which he supposedly lost was in fact absolutely “rigged” to make that happen, and he hinted he was fearful of the same happening to the elections in 2022 and 2024.

POTUS 45 refused once again to declare with absolute certainty whether he was going to run for the office of president in 2024 – but he once again strongly hinted at it.

He told Spicer that his decision, once he announces it, is going to make his former press secretary and “a lot of people” “extremely happy.”

Trump also added he could announce it sooner but that would be “complicated” because of regulations and political factors.

He has previously suggested he might even wait until after the 2022 midterms and after seeing how the Republicans will do in them.

America will come back again

As he strongly suggested he’d run once again for the White House, Trump added that the United States is “going to come back again.”

He stressed not just the catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan but also another devastating disaster, the illegal immigration crisis through the US-Mexican border, adding that America has been turned into “a laughingstock all over the world.”

President Trump’s interview with Spicer was live in the final hours of the recall election in California, in which the abysmal Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom wasn’t recalled, which deprived top Republican candidate Larry Elder of the opportunity to replace him.

Even before the results became known – and they were called for Newsom by the major liberal leftist propaganda media within an hour of the closing of the polls – Trump said the vote would likely be rigged.

He described the Democrat-dominated California as “so rigged” that Newsom – “who can’t even bring water” into the state – will probably win.

Trump revealed that many people have been complaining as in 2020 that when they go to the polls they get told that “you already voted.”

All in all, considering the nature of the Marxists running Biden’s politics on his behalf, that wouldn’t be surprising at all.