Unfortunately, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military, Gen. Mark Milley, has completely and irreparably disgraced himself within just a matter of weeks – the final touches to his shameful actions being on Friday when he brazenly defended himself over revelations that he went behind President Trump’s back in order to collude with China.

First was the incredibly devastating and humiliating American withdrawal from Afghanistan with the tragically botched evacuation – and while the ultimate responsibility there rests with the “surrenderer-in-chief”, Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden, Milley himself has played a major part in the disaster.

Then a new book entitled “Peril” by two journalists from The Washington Post, one of the pillars of radical leftist and Marxist propaganda in today’s America, claimed, apparently, truthfully, after the questionable November 2020 election, with Trump due to leave the White House in January 2021, Milley thought the president might order a nuclear attack against China.

This is why he called his Chinese counterpart twice to warn him of his insane supposition, and to promise to personally alert the chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army if Trump actually orders an attack.

No, no – it was perfectly fine to call China!

As if all that wasn’t enough for Milley’s utter discrediting – on Friday, he actually stood up and unbelievably cheekily declared that he had done nothing wrong – thus confirming the allegations in the “Peril” book.

The actual Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military completely disgraced himself – although this should be a little wonder in an administration in which the actual president and commander-in-chief, Sleepy Joe, has disgraced himself even more.

In an interview given to an Associated Press reporter traveling with Milley to Europe on Friday, the general stated that the fact that he made covert telephone calls to China behind the back of the US President at the time falls “perfectly within the duties and responsibilities” for his position.

Milley further argued that calls like the ones he made to Gen. Li Zuocheng, the chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army, are just “routine” and are used in order to “to reassure” “allies and adversaries” alike, which in this case was in order guarantee “strategic stability.”

It was hardly out of any shame or remorse, but Milley did keep brief his self-defending comments on Friday.

He disclosed, however, that he was going to go “on the record” about his anti-Trump calls to China before the US lawmakers, who are legally entitled to overseeing the American military, and that he is prepared to testify before Congress “into any level of detail” that the members of Congress might ask of him.

In his words, such a potential congressional hearing on his back-stabbing, treasonous conversations with China could take place in a couple of weeks.

‘Nutjob’ Milley bashed democracy, too!

Besides telling China of insane and completely untrue fears that Trump might have wanted to attack it, in his calls with Gen. Li, Milley also bashed “the nature of democracy” saying it “may look unsteady” and that it “can be sloppy sometimes.”

Perhaps the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has more respect for the communist dictatorship in China than for America’s democracy, and is part of the push of the far-left to establish a Marxist totalitarian regime here.

President Donald Trump commented earlier this week quite truthfully that Milley committed “treason” and that he is a “complete nutjob” for even thinking the 45th president of the United States might attack China.