America’s present-day Marxists are a particularly nasty bunch – and they don’t fall far from the Marxist-communist tree.

As a rule they share two overwhelming characteristics with all the other types and subtypes of Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists and so on out there.

First, their overwhelming hypocrisy in which they never do as they preach whereas the “masses” that they are “saving” are obliged – and mandated to do exactly as they tell them to do – simply because the Marxist “revolutionary chieftains” are godlike deities, they are so much better that everybody else and they are in possession of the one and only right and righteous way.

Second, because they consider themselves blessed with undeniable impunity by default – whatever they do – regardless of how horrifying – they can always get away with simply of their destiny to lead the masses that they otherwise despise down to the backbone.

San Francisco mayor and the Marxist exceptionalism

As American Marxists, wokeists and transgenderists are becoming more and more emboldened, especially now under the administration of Sleepy Joe Biden, they are starting to display these two utter repugnant features ever more obnoxiously.

Enter London Breed, the Mayor of San Francisco – and her gal pal Alicia Garza, a co-founder of – surprise, surprise! – the Black Lives Matter movement.

Breed and Garza have been detected partying completely maskless in a nightclub in utter defiance of all public health instructions over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Breed and her BLM gal pal were actually seen partying together without any facemasks in a photo, which was uploaded on the Instagram page of the Black Cat Nightclub, a jazz club in San Francisco.

Needless to say, the compromising image was deleted shortly thereafter.

The mayor of the city of San Francisco and one of the co-founders of BLM were accompanied by singer Raphael Saadiq.

Social media are circulating photos of Breed and her Marxist buddies in the jazz club, and they demonstrate that other party-goers in there also weren’t wearing masks.

Why aren’t they following the same rules?!

Danielle Rabkin, who is the owner of the Crossfit Golden Gate Gym, told NBC Bay Area that Breed clearly isn’t doing her part obey the city’s anti-COVID-19 rules, which happen to be “very restrictive.”

The city’s mask mandate states explicitly that even fully vaccinated people have to wear face mask in indoor public places at all times.

The gym owner added that the mayor of San Francisco “clearly feels like it’s fine” to be partying and without her mask on.

He wondered why the same rules that apply to everybody wouldn’t apply to Breed.

What Rabkin hasn’t realized apparently, however, is that with the Marxist bunch there are no rules that apply to them – other than the ones they make up for themselves – and even those are subject to constant arbitrary changes.

Remember, these are the kinds of folks who believe there is no reality other than what they invent – so why would they trip over some mask rules designed specifically for the common folk, i.e. the people’s masses?