Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden with his rapidly deteriorating senility has already shocked the American public with countless gaffes, blunders, slurred speeches, and other stupefyingly bewildering “senior moments”.

In fact, he has managed to make America the laughing stock of the world just by virtue of making all those gaffes and he didn’t even have to make utterly catastrophic policy decisions – such as the Afghanistan withdrawal and the surrender of America to the Taliban – in order to achieve that end.

With his numerous comments that he’s “not supposed to be” doing this and that such as talking too long to reporters, the seemingly senile ludicrous “leader” of the Free World – and with so many of his infrequent public appearances getting cut short all the time, Biden has already made it clear that somebody else is calling the shots for him that regard and maybe even more.

Cocooning Sleepy Joe

Yet, that has now been alleged to be an actual formal policy of the White House in which the Democrat president’s aides are “cocooning” the anyway Sleepy Joe in order to erect a “wall” which would “shield” him from “unscripted events.”

The allegation has been made by the new book called “Peril”, authored by the two journalists from The Washington Post, one of the top pillars of liberal leftist propaganda in the United States.

It can therefore be considered an act of “friendly fire” but it certainly sounds plausible and truthful considering the gut-wrenching, painful-to-watch-and-listen-to public appearances that we have witnessed from Joe Biden since he occupied the White House in January.

According to authors Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, the aides in the White House are just appalled at Biden’s habit to “mangle statements” and of his “testiness”.

The book enumerates a number of gaffes from the early days of the Biden administration such as a testy exchange with a reporter from CNN, another Biden-friendly leftist propaganda machine, which have shocked the White House staff and led them to come up with the “cocoon” for Sleepy Joe.

Costa and Woodward claim they were told by numerous Biden aides that White House chief of staff, the utterly pathetic Ron Klain, and Anita Dunn, back then a White House advisor moved to prevent Sleepy Joe’s shocking blunders by preventing “long interviews” as well as “unscripted events.”

The book actually states that the White House aides who disclosed the special policy in question refer to it as “the wall” and a “cocooning of the president.”

The president the left stuck us with!

Imagine that: this is the kind of president the Democratic electorate has elected for the United States of America – seemingly utterly incapable and unfit to serve as anything, including president – and those are the kind of aides that he brought with himself to the White House – lying, dishonest radical leftist bunch laboring to prevent the public from realizing the truth about their good-for-nothing senile boss.

If the Washington Post journalists are admitting that in their book – the reality must be even more painful and horrifying.

What’s even more notable is that Costa and Woodward emphasize that in spite of the “protective bubble” around Biden, his blunders keep appearing again and again, causing his aides to constantly go into “damage control.”

The “Peril” book recently made headlines by revealing that Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in December 2020 and January 2021, went behind President Donald Trump’s back and called China to them that Trump was going to nuke them but that he, Milley, would prevent that or would at least inform Beijing when the attack is imminent.

Trump deservedly called him a traitor and “an absolute nutjob” for that.

So good luck to us, the good people of the United States of America, with a duplicitous traitor for a top commander, and a senile president who gets to be cocooned by his staff – and even that is to no avail!