The Biden administration has admitted that another episode from its catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan – the August 29 drone strike in Kabul – was completely botched and killed a pro-American Afghan humanitarian worker and 9 members of his family, including 7 children.

Thus, thanks to the incompetence of the Biden administration that the Afghanistan withdrawal has it all: losing a 20-year war, causing the collapse of a friendly government, installing into power radical Islamist terrorists, causing a humanitarian disaster with a botched evacuation, getting civilians and US troops killed by setting it all up for an easy terrorist attack – and, last but not least, a botched US airstrike which slaughtered a number of children.

Way to make the Afghanistan pullout one of the most shameful pages of American history ever, Sleepy Joe!

‘Terrible mistake’

The admission that the drone strike on August 29, three days after the bloody terrorist attack at Kabul airport committed by ISIS, which killed 13 US troops and nearly 200 civilian Afghans, has come from the Pentagon, and personally from the head of the US Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, who was in charge of the military operations for the pullout.

McKenzie told reporters that the botched airstrike was “a terrible mistake” and offered his “sincere apology”, as he admitted it “unlikely” for the targeted vehicle and those killed to have posed a direct threat to American forces or to have been associated with ISIS-K.

He said the 43-year-old Afghan humanitarian worker, Zemari Ahmadi, was tracked over intelligence about the plans of ISIS-K to strike Kabul airport with another suicide bombing.

The loading of what were water jugs in Ahmadi’s car was observed by a drone and was thought to have been the loading of explosives.

The large secondary explosion which was set off by the drone strike, and which was touted by the Biden administration as evidence that a vehicle loaded with explosives had been hit, is now deemed to have been a tank of propane likely located in the driveway of Ahmadi’s home.

Gen. McKenzie insisted that the airstrike in question was carried out “in the earnest belief” that “it was going to prevent” an imminent terrorist attack at Kabul airport.

He added that the Department of Defense is considering offering reparations to the survivors from Ahmadi’s family who lost 10 of their own, including seven underage children.

The fact that the Biden administration killed an aid worker and innocent kids was revealed by “friendly fire” as it was exposed by The New York Times, one of the pillars of leftist Marxist propaganda otherwise highly supportive of the Biden administration.

Biden administration desperately needed not to look senile and incompetent

In his reaction to the official confession from the Pentagon, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson pointed out the harsh reality about the drone strike: namely, it was undertaken so that the Biden administration could demonstrate it was doing something, anything amid the all-out defeat – but it made the entire Afghanistan pullout fiasco even worse.

According to Carlson, Biden and his aides “desperately needed” some evidence that “they are not senile and incompetent,” as they wanted to pose as “decisive and strong.”

He called for the sacking of the already treasonous Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley who adamantly defended the August 29 drone strike operation.

Milley would hardly be sacked because he is mopping up a lot of Biden’s dirty business.

But the Biden administration might as well be happy as it threw another huge stain on America’s reputation with the killing of an aid worker and seven children.