Liberal talk show host Bill Maher, who isn’t devoid of common sense, has once again hit leftism and Marxism where it hurts by calling out repugnant far-left congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the lie she spread that the rich don’t pay taxes when she terribly hypocritically attended the lavish Met Gala.

In attending the most high-profile event for American popular culture celebrities earlier this week, AOC, who claims to be “working class”, notoriously wore an expensive dress with an inscription on her back, reading, “Tax the rich.”

A table at the Metropolitan Museum of Art even costs upwards of $200,000, bringing the per head fee to about $35,000.

By choosing to attend, Democrat congresswoman of New York exhibited the textbook hypocrisy of high-ranking Marxist, socialist and communist apparatchiks who preach about working-class “values” to the masses whom they despise, while simultaneously enjoying lavish lifestyles and seeking to use the government in order to rob “the rich”, i.e. those who create wealth and jobs, of their money so they can spend it as they please on behalf of the state.

The richest in NYC already pay more than half the taxes

On his show “Real Time” on HBO, on Friday night, Bill Maher exposed AOC’s blatant lie that the rich don’t pay taxes.

He cited the reality about New York City: the richest 65,000 residents of NYC out of a total of 8,000,000 people actually pay a total of 51% of all taxes.

Maher emphasized it isn’t as though “we don’t tax the rich at all.”

He added that he, too, is in favor of “income inequality” – “but let’s not lie” since “the rich pay a lot of taxes.”

The HBO host lambasted AOC for making people believe that the rich don’t pay any taxes at all as she showed up with her “Tax the rich” slogan.

Maher emphasized that the rich “pay a big part of the freight already” – meaning that AOC has no business going out and deluding the public while indulging in her hubris and hypocrisy as a “working-class woman” impudently clutching at an extravagant celebrity lifestyle.

Wearing your lying slogan on your a**

Maher also ripped Ocasio-Cortez for actually wearing her political slogan – and a deceptive one – on her “a**” – which was indeed the case as the “Tax the rich” inscription appeared right on her lower back and bottom.

To ridicule and annihilate AOC even further for lying with an a** inscription, the Real-Time host showed made-up satirical slogans that could have been worn by celebrities at the Met Gala right after Ocasio-Cortez made her entrance there.

For example, he showed the stupefyingly rich Oprah Winfrey in a dress with an inscription reading, “Ignore Previous Dress.”

Luckily, AOC’s egregious hypocrisy with her constant socialist preaching and her attendance of the most extravagant celebrity party hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Despite her obnoxious denial of her own blunders, another typical trait of Marxist-communists, she already faces two ethics complaints because of her attendance at the Met Gala.

That is, of course, too little as such vicious anti-American Marxists, wokeists, and transgenderists such as AOC have absolutely no place whatsoever in American politics and the nation’s public life.