As any sane individual out there would have expected, the radical Islamist Taliban regime made the rulers of Afghanistan by Sleepy Joe Biden is going back to its own basics: it has banned female high school students from going back to school – and, to make the situation in the wretched Central Asian country even more grotesque, at the same time Taliban fighters armed with RPGs have been photographed enjoying swan pedalo rides on a lake.

Terrorists in pedalos

It is unfathomable what the radical leftists and Marxists in the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden were thinking when they surrendered America to the ragtag terrorist gang that are the Taliban.

It turns out that the American Marxists are far more interested in humiliating and destroying the imaginary “American empire” that they love talking about, that they are in even remotely protecting the lives and dignity of women and various types of minorities who were abandoned to the mercy of the Taliban by the Biden administration.

Bizarre and grotesque images for Taliban militants carrying and even brandishing assault rifles and RPGs who are riding swan pedalos on a lake in the Band-e Amir National Park in Central Afghanistan were reported by The Daily Mail, drawing contrast to a ban on schoolgirls to attend high school just instituted to by the Islamist regime.

The park in question is in the Hindu Kush Mountains as has six deep blue lakes; it stands about 45 miles away from the Bamiyan Valley where the Taliban barbarians destroyed giant Buddha statues in 2001.

Brutal crackdown on women

Over the past few days, the Taliban regime crowned single-handedly by Joe Biden with the absolute power in Afghanistan replaced the Ministry of Women’s Affairs with a new ministry designed to “propagate virtue” and prevent vice”; it banned female employees of the city of Kabul government from going to work, and it banned girls from attending high school.

The brutal anti-women rights changes are getting instituted by the Islamist murderers less than a month after they grabbed hold of the power in Afghanistan after it was bestowed to them by Biden with this catastrophic pullout.

Most striking, however, was Saturday’s order by the Taliban regime, a flashback from their previous regime in the 1990s, in which they excluded girls from attended high school and decreed only boys and male teachers to start the new academic year.

The striking order led to women’s protests against the repressions, and some Afghan boys have been seen with posters on social media boycotting class in solidarity with their female classmates.

So far the Taliban regime has allowed the reopening of primary schools with both boys and girls in attendance but primarily in separate classes.

It has also allowed women to go to private universities but with very draconian directions on their movement and clothing.

Social media videos have shown female employees of the now-former Ministry of Women’s Affairs who have lost their jobs, protesting outside their building as workers put up a sign of the “Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.”

Clearly, the Taliban crackdown on women is brutal and it’s only just beginning.

That doesn’t disturb the “feminist” administration of Sleepy Joe Biden whose staffers seem more interested in making America implode than about protecting the rights of women.