It has already become painfully clear that, besides the ISIS-K terrorist group, it is Joe Biden who is the most to blame for the horrifying murder of 13 American troops at Kabul airport in Afghanistan on August 26.

It was Sleepy Joe Biden and his entire administration who caused that thanks to their utterly botched and mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan, which led to the need for emergency evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people.

Then when the Taliban terrorists actually even gave Biden a choice whether to occupy the city of Kabul to carry out the evacuation, or just the airport, he picked the latter option thus creating the perfect setup for large-scale terrorist attacks against the packed crowds at the airfield’s gates.

All of these taken together make Biden about as guilty of the deaths of the 13 US troops as ISIS.

India handed the terrorist to the CIA

Yet, it turns out that there is a lot more to the guilt of Biden and his administration.

Apparently, the actual suicide bomber who blew himself up and killed the US servicemen and servicewomen plus 169 civilian Afghans was imprisoned at the prison in Bagram and was freed by the Taliban after they took the crucial city as a result of Biden’s withdrawal and the collapse of the Afghan government that it caused.

This was reported by Indian media with a fairly high degree of certainty: a report by Firstpost media cites sources from the Indian intelligence.

According to Firstpost, the actual ISIS-K suicide bomber was transferred to the CIA by its counterpart, the Research and Analysis Wing, India’s foreign intelligence.

The terrorist was handed over from India to the United States back in September 2017.

However, he was set free on August 15 together with thousands and thousands of other dangerous jihadist terrorists when the high-security prison had its gates opened by the Taliban.

According to the report, the suicide terrorist who took the lives of 182 people, used to be an engineering student at a college in India and was arrested by the Indian authorities on suspicions of organizing suicide bombings in New Delhi.

Apparently, his studies were only a pretext for him to enter India.

Decade of counter-terrorism undone

An unnamed Indian intelligence officer cited in the report described how “America’s disorganized retreat from Afghanistan” has set free numerous “highly-competent and highly-committed terrorists” who have now rejoined ISIS, al-Qaeda, or other terrorist groups.

Another Indian intelligence officer who worked on the Kabul suicide bomber’s case declared that “the US failure to secure key prisoners” from Bagram has “literally” undone “a decade of work on counter-terrorism.”

The report further reveals that the terrorist activity of the man in question was first detected by the CIA after it intercepted his communication with the ISIS leadership.

However, he was not prosecuted in India but was handed to the CIA, which then reported got out of him “a significant amount of information” later used to destroy numerous ISIS leaders in drone strikes.

The Parwan Detention Facility in Bagram had about 5,000 prisoners, many of them high-profile terrorists.

One of them has already killed 13 US troops and 169 Afghans.

They must now love Joe Biden because he is the one who let them go.