Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who scandalously went behind President Donald Trump’s back in December and January to make secret anti-American calls to China, actually routinely sabotaged the president, according to an ex-senior official of the Department of Defense.

The shocking revelation was made on Sunday by the former assistant secretary of the Army in the Trump Administration, E. Casey Wardynski, in a Fox News interview.

Abusing authority

Wardynski was categorical that both Milley and his subordinate, Gen. James McConville, the Army Chief of Staff, engaged in a “pattern of behavior” undermining their potential commands by President Trump at the time, and abusing their authority.

The former assistant secretary for the Army declared that Milley and McConville’s “willingness” to “exceed their authorities” and “ignore” the authority of the civilian officials above them didn’t only occur on January 8, in the former’s most notorious call to China but was something they had been engaging in for quite some time.

Wardynski disclosed “stunning” cases of the high-ranking military officials’ exceeding their authority.

For instance, during the events on January 6, Milley – who Wardynski said is “an adviser, not a commander”, ordered troops from the 82nd Airborne Division and the 10th Mountain Division to fly to Washington, to Fort Belvoir and Andrews, with no consulting of the Army chain of command, and by going around it.

Illegal orders from the president?!

Wardynski also revealed two separate occasions in which McConville told him he wouldn’t obey “any illegal orders from the president” – and that was during the BLM terrorist “racial riots” in summer 2020, the most disastrous and costly riots in the history of the United States.

So much for the preparedness of the US military to defend the law-abiding citizens from rabid wokeist mobs.

At the time, President Trump was considering invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 in order to stop the horrifying violence.

Wardynski declared that McConville’s defying of President Trump as the Commander-in-Chief wasn’t something “I thought I’d ever hear” after having served for 30 years in uniform.

Then around October 2020, McConville told Wardynski for a second time that wasn’t going to obey “illegal orders from the president” – funny how some general decides what is legal and what isn’t! – which led the latter to actually contact his lawyer, who at the time was the third-highest ranking attorney for the Army.

Wardynski, a retired colonel of the US Army who left when Biden got inaugurated, also exposed Milley as a “bully” in meetings who keeps overstepping his authority so that he can control the agenda.

He declared that both Milley and his protégé McConvill must resign because of the numerous instances in which they abused their authority, including the former’s deranged call to China in which he bashed not just President Donald Trump but also American democracy and democracy in general.