The situation with the illegal immigration crisis at the US is going from bad to worse as 15,000 Haitians from all over Latin America and the Caribbean managed to get through and start camping under a Texas road bridge, and in August once again more than 200,000 illegals crossed into the United States.

The catastrophic failure at handling the illegal immigration surge – or maybe a deliberate encouraging of the influx by the pro-wokeist, anti-American Biden administration – is rapidly inflicting unimaginable damages on the United States in both material and non-materials ways, not least by breaching in an extremely threatening and impudent manner the country’s national security.

Against this horrifying backdrop, with more than 1.3 million illegals crossing the southern border at will in the 2021 fiscal year, Alejandro Mayorkas, the wokeist head of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, claimed at a congressional hearing on Tuesday that the border had been closed.

That is in effect a blatant lie since in reality illegal immigrants continue to cross the US-Mexican border from coast to coast.

Shocking warning by former Border Police head

GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin clearly asked Mayorkas during the hearing if he “honestly” believes that “our borders are closed.”

Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, of course, had the necessary cheek to declare, “I do”, in response, and in defiance of the constant media coverage even from the Marixst, leftist propaganda machines that are the mainstream media.

Johnson destroyed Mayorkas’ lies by citing a letter sent to the leadership of the US Senate by Rodney Scott, a former chief of US Border Patrol, who warned that the BP agency was quickly losing its all-out ability to police the border.

Scott declared he has been “sickened by the avoidable and rapid disintegration” of “arguably the most effective border security” in America’s history.

He was apparently referring to the security of the border achieved under President Donald Trump.

Johnson then asked Mayorkas for at least a “ballpark” estimate of how many illegal immigrants out of the 1.3 million who have been apprehended since last October have been deported, released in the US to settle as they please, or still remain in custody.

Mayorkas, whose main job includes coping precisely with this issue, and who is supposed to be aware of the data asked of him, declined to give even an estimate arguing he didn’t have the figures in front of him, and thus couldn’t say anything.

That might have been another lie considering it would be highly surprising if a DHS Secretary wasn’t aware of that kind of data.

Mayorkas’ lie exposed by an unwitting Biden

Meanwhile, after giving a weak and frankly moronic speech at the UN General Assembly exposing America to its enemies from around the world even more, Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden was awake long enough to vow that “we will get” the border “under control” in response to a question by a reporter.

Biden then apparently felt that wasn’t enough so he repeated that “we will get it under control.”

Thus, he directly disproved his DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ lie that the border has been closed.

It is unbelievable what the Marxist, wokeist, progressivist far-left anti-American gang that is the Biden administration is causing to America with their incompetence and/or deliberate stimulation of illegal immigration through the Mexican border.

The repercussions will be gigantic and might cause an existential threat to the United States.