The administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden is rapidly and tenaciously working to transfer the Third World into the United States, allowing as many Third World people to settle at will inside America as possible.

Never mind where you come from – forget H1 visas for qualified labor or Green Card application.

All you have to do is show up at the US-Mexican border and you are a brand-new American, and likely the type that will shatter American political culture, contribute to the spiking crime rate, especially the racially- and wokeness-based kind, and mooch off the American social safety net.

And you are likely to contribute tremendously to perpetuating the Democrats’ remaining in power so that the liberal leftist and Marxist extremists who have conquered their party can establish a 1984-type wokeness-based far-left totalitarian dictatorship.

Released inside US on ‘very, very large scale’

After the hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Afghans that the Biden administration has managed to resettle inside America since occupying the White House, now it’s the Haitians turn.

After 15,000 Haitians coming from all over Latin America and the Caribbean made it to the US-Mexican border, camping beneath a large road bridge in Texas, the Biden administration – and Biden personally – promised that it’s starting to deport them to their countries of residence – Haiti as well Brazi and Chile.

It turns out this has been an abject, egregious lie.

A new report by the Daily Mail cited two US officials as saying that only about 1,000 of the illegal immigrants of Haitian origin have been deported, while the vast majority of the others are being taken to the US interior and are being released there.

Despite the promises of the Biden administration, the Haitian illegals are getting released inside the US “on a very, very large scale,” one of the officials with knowledge of the matter said.

Those freed are given the standard notices to show up within 60 days at an immigration court – not that many of them will bother to do that, as the experience with the other Latin American illegals has shown.

According to the cited officials, another part of the Haitians camping at Del Rio, Texas, were loaded on buses and taken to other parts of the US to be “processed” there by other Border Patrol agents.

Released outnumber deported 5:1

While the exact number of illegals still camping beneath the bridge near Del Rio is unknown as of Wednesday, on Tuesday, Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, put the number at 8,600.

Another source with knowledge of the Haitian deportations, which began on Sunday, has told The Daily Mail that only about 1,000 of the illegal have been sent back.

Three flights on Sunday deported 327 of them from Del Rio to Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince Sunday, two deported 233 on Monday, and on Tuesday four flights sent back 523, according to the official.

This leads to an estimate that some 5,000 have already been released inside the US – if those remaining number about 8,600.

The report notes that seven more deportation flights from Del Rio, Texas, are expected on Wednesday.

Clearly, Biden and his top officials such as DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are lying when they claim that the illegal immigrants from Haiti are being expelled.

Nobody is surprised.

The question is how many more Third World illegals America can take.