The current illegal immigration mayhem at the US – Mexican border has been entirely caused by the monstrous Joe Biden and his accomplices and it’s only going to get worse – judging from how and why a total of 15,000 illegal immigrants from Haiti have just flocked to America.

As Americans we should brace ourselves because more and more of the Third World is going to be directly resettled inside our country, a crime against the nation absolutely unimaginable until the recent power grab by radical leftist wokeists and Marxists under the Biden administration.

After Biden occupied the White House, nearly 1 million illegal immigrants from Central America have crossed freely into the United States, not to mention the dozens of thousands of Afghans brought in with direct flights after the catastrophic Afghanistan pullout – and now 15,000 Haitians, who are just the cherry on top of the cake and the tip of the iceberg at the same time.

Joe Biden opened the border

It turns out that the thousands of Haitian illegals who set up camp under a big road bridge in Del Rio, Texas, before they get transported and resettled in the interior by the Biden administration, weren’t even in need of refuge or asylum.

Apparently, most of them were already “living and working comfortably” in Chile, the richest country in Latin America, as well as in Sao Paolo, Brazil, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

And apparently, they only thought to flock to America thanks to the deranged Joe Biden who for all practical purposes erased the US border with the Third World, and canceled the deportation policy.

The report says that the ground in Cuidad Acuna, the Mexican town across from Del Rio, Texas, is littered with numerous ID cards from Chile issued to people with French-sounding, and not Hispanic names, namely, the Haitians who tossed them before crossing into the US.

The cards also bear the letters HTI – referring to the Haitian nationality of their bearers.

Todd Bensman, an expert at the Center of Immigration Studies, is quoted as revealing details from his conversations with the Haitian illegals.

For instance, one told him that he loved Chile because it is “a thousand times better” than his native Haiti but wants to come to America because it is “a million times better.”

Most of the Haitian illegals that came to Del Rio had been living in Chile and Brazil for 5-6 years already and had been granted asylum there.

About 150,000 Haitians are estimated to live in the former and about 125,000 in the latter.

The US already has a community of 2 million people of Haitian origin.

According to migration expert Bensman, “none” of the Haitians who flocked to Del Rio, Texas, actually came from Haiti.

He quoted dozens of those Haitian illegals that he has interviewed as saying one and the same thing: “Joe Biden opened the border” which is why “we decided we could upgrade our lifestyle.”

Bensman mentions one Haitian guy who told him he was making good money living in Brazil but “heard everyone was getting into America” and “so he came” as well.

Local Mexican cartel lets them cross for free

What’s also striking is the reason all the Haitians in the current wave from Chile and Brazil – caused entirely by Joe Biden – came exactly to Del Rio, Texas.

According to the report, that’s because the local branch of the Mexican drug cartel known as Los Zetos, which controls the Mexican side of the border, lets them cross the border at no charge at all, whereas in other sections Mexican cartel coyotes charge up to $10,000 per head.

There you have it, folks.

Sleepy Joe Biden and the far-left gang running this country while he’s dosing off are raping transplanting the entire Third World inside America, once the most powerful and most glorious democracy in the world.

The Haitians who were alright in Chile won’t be the last to come over thanks to Biden.

They are probably just among the first.