The Democrats Party, evidently increasingly dominated by deranged Communist radicals, is going to fight to death, if needed, in order to get to squander trillions and trillions of US taxpayer money and national debt, right now focusing on the $3.5 trillion package put forth by Sleepy Joe Biden, which bears the idiotic name of “Build Back Better.”

The ‘deal’ is an ‘agreement’ which is a ‘framework’ which is a ‘menu’ and ‘progress’!!!

The 3.5 trillion package, which the Democrats are trying to pass through the reconciliation procedure with their razor-thin majority in the 50-50 Senate provided by the tie-breaking vote of their abysmal Vice President Kamala Harris, contains all kinds of crazy spending on communist projects.

So much so that even a good many Democrat lawmakers have been outraged about it – although just Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have publicly declared their opposition to it.

With even a single Democrat Senator opposed, the entire plan to squander $3.5 trillion dollars on projects such as a golf course in the congressional district of Nancy Pelosi will fall through.

On Thursday, the nasty duo of the liberal leftist empress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the less overt but equally incompetent Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer actually came out and declared a “deal” to secure the funds to pay for the communist social agenda estimated at $3.5 trillion in federal spending.

They were joined for their press conference by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen but none of the trio actually revealed any specifics whatsoever about their “deal” and “plan” on how the federal government would raise the trillions of dollars that they so eagerly wish to squander.

‘Deal’ with nothing in it

Schumer only said that “we have an agreement on” “the revenue side”, and just ignored any questions in that regard.

The only thing he had the goodwill to divulge was that the “agreement” is a “framework.”

Pelosi’s comments made even less sense.

With her usual and utterly repugnant cheek, she just declared that “the House, the Senate, and the White House” have come to “an agreement” on “how we can go forward in a way to pay for this” – whatever the hell this means.

She added that it isn’t “about a price tag” but “about what’s in the bill” – which makes even less sense than her preceding sentence.

The equally pathetic and no less cheeky White House press secretary Jen Psaki also weighed in during her briefing, and her comments also made no sense whatsoever, with no details offered at all.

She said the “framework” was “a menu and a range of options”, which was “a progress”, and that “the next step” will be “to have a discussion with a range of members.”

This is beyond outrageous the way the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, and Psaki are treating the American public as a bunch of morons as they try to delude the civil society into believing it would be a good thing to let them squander $3.5 trillion dollars of the taxpayers.

Their whole charade on Thursday, however, is probably a good thing.

It just shows that the liberal leftists have nothing – nothing to announce but a “deal” which means nothing – and are getting desperate as many of their own still have some common sense and are opposed to this insanity.