No level of absolutely unbridled illegal immigration is sufficient for the rabid wokeists and Marxists of the “progressivist far-left” – they have just attacked their own president, Joe Biden, through The New York Times for “cracking down” on the migrants like Donald Trump!

Illegal immigration is not enough!

This is just unbelievable – the semi-conscious president who has completely erased America’s border with the Third World – the same border which President Trump had done a tremendous job securing just until a few months ago.

Biden has let about 1 million Central American illegals, brought dozens of thousands of Afghans after causing the collapse of the government of Afghanistan with his insane withdrawal, and has led 15,000 Haitians living comfortable lives in Chile to come to America just because they can!

But that’s not enough for the rabid wokeist Marxists from the vicious far-left propaganda machine that is the New York Times.

In fact, the NYT published two articles on Wednesday which both slammed Biden and both compared him to Donald – and in the view of the far left that is no compliment, of course, although in reality, it would have been – if only it were true.

One of the articles slams Biden for “pushing deterrent border policy” even though he “promised a ‘humane’ approach” – can you imagine?

How many more illegals do these people want to cross and settle in the United States?

Right now we are at 200,000 per month.

How many would satisfy the NYT’s appetite for Third World people?!

1 million per month, 5 million per month, 10 million per month?

Because all of that is achievable… The comrades from the Marxist clique of Joe Biden can get it done if it is going to cement them in power and it is going to humiliate, hurt, and destroy America!

The first article in question actually slammed Biden for using methods “straight from…Trump’s immigration playbook” – as it referred to border agents on horseback tried to prevent the Third World from coming to the United States.

Biden is aggressive against immigration??!

The same article also bewildering accused Biden of “deploying some of the most aggressive approaches to immigration” because it dares actually expel some illegals under the health policy known as Title 42!

It cites Marisa Franco, a “Latino civil rights leader”, as asking how Biden is different from Trump.

Indeed, why not just surrender the United States to Latin America and have all Latin Americans settle here?

Would that make Ms. Franco and her likes happy?

Except when that happens, America will not be the America their illegals want to come to, it will be just another Third World s***hole – of the kind that they have let their own country become.

Another article also published on Wednesday in the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” also known as the New York Times is an op-ed accusing the Biden presidency of “Trumpness”.

It actually has some good points lambasting Biden over the haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan – although the comparison to Trump makes no sense.

The far-left wokeist and Marxists will not stop the outrage until they turn the United States into a failed Marxist totalitarian state of the Third World-type – a banana republic in which they will be the uncontrolled, extremely wealthy elite, while the despised masses will be kept in line but fend for themselves.

That and that alone is the American Marxists’ wet dream, which is why the Sleepy Joe Biden isn’t radical enough.