Both wokeism and nepotism are running horrifyingly high in the unabashedly anti-American and hateful administration run by Democrat president Sleepy Joe Biden – whenever he is awake long enough to do so.

Wokeism is a new brand of evil, anti-human Marxism-communism invented by ideologically impotent haters of the Western civilization so they can replace “class” with “race” in the teachings of classic Marxism as a means to destroying capitalism and, by implication, the United States of America.

It is co-joined with transgenderism, which is used by Marxist-communists to attack American families and values and wipe them off the map.

Nepotism, on the other hand, is just the blood in the veins of all types of Marxism – be it Communism, Socialism, “social democracy,” you name it.

Whether it’s Moscow, Beijing, Havana, Seattle, or Washington, DC in the hands of the Biden administration, the Commies just can’t do without ugly dishonesty such as nepotism.

After all, while they preach to the masses about all the Marxist crap, they are after becoming fabulously rich at their expense, and on a tribal principle as they wish to enrich their entire families to solidify their power and wealth through blood ties.

The rise of the Psakis

With the Biden administration, however, things are becoming incredibly disgusting as this is where wokeism meets nepotism.

The fresh case in hand is Biden’s utterly worthless good-for-nothing veep Kamala Harris, who is of course a wokeism icon.

Apparently, Kamala expanded her team with repugnant new far-left anti-American aides – but what’s even more repugnant is that one of them is married to the sister (herself a senior Biden administration employee) of the clueless but obnoxious White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

So Jen Psaki is Biden’s PR, her sister Stephanie Psaki is a “senior adviser” at the Health Department – whatever she might be advising the DHHS for! – and her husband Adam Frankel has just been hired as a “senior advisor” by Vice President Kamala Harris!

Now that’s an outstanding wokest-nepotism career success for the Psaki family.

Evidently, Frankel is no less repugnant than his sister-in-law.

He worked on Kamala Harris’ transition team – together with Kamala’s other new hire, a woman named Lorraine Voles – and he was a speechwriter for abysmal former President Barack Obama.

Saving private Kamala(‘s presidential hopes)

According to reports, Harris’ new PR team of Frankel and Voles is expected to help her stop her public rating decline, including over her “handling of the border crisis” – which has actually been no handling at all – unless you count standing by far, far away in Washington and observing how the entire Third World is happily resettling inside the United States.

Kamala’s new public relations advisors are supposed to help her get back on track to seeking the future Democratic presidential nomination, reports say.

Thus, apparently many delusional and clueless Democrats still view Kamala as “the leading contender” for the Democratic nomination either in 2024 or 2028 – depending on whether Joe Biden might seek reelection.

The latter sounds like a horrible joke considering that he is barely aware of his surroundings with almost three-and-a-half years left in his term.

In any case, it must be neat for the hateful wokeists running the Biden administration, and, by extension, unfortunately, America as well, to be also vile nepotists.

Theirs is, after all, a tightly knit Marxist community towering above their favorite “masses” that they secretly so despise.

When the time comes, though, their woekist nepotism will make firing all of them that much easier in order to save the United States of America.