More and more corporations are being infiltrated by vicious anti-American Marxists, wokeists and transgenderists whose sole life purpose is to erase the United States and replace it with an evil far-left totalitarian dictatorship.

With Marxists already in control of the federal government through the administration of the senile and clueless Sleepy Joe Biden, and of the repugnant leftist propaganda machines known as mainstream media, powerful Big Business corporations have been a prime target for wokeist coups, with Marxists already succeeding in conquering them from within and forcing their entire staff to undergo appalling wokeist and transgenderist brainwashing.

Among those corporations already notoriously subdued by aggressive, freedom-hating and America-hating Marxism are the likes of Nike and Coca Cola.

Target ‘woke, Marxist fads’

In order to enable even everyday Americans to fight back against the all-out assault on American democracy, values, and way of life by the communist criminals in their various forms, Republican Senator from Florida Marco Rubio has introduced to Congress a new draft law that would make possible the challenging of corporate spending of shareholder dollars for wokeist actions of social policy.

His bill is entitled “Mind Your Own Business Act”, and is a response to the situation in which corporations taken over by Marxists are publicly assuming positions that run contrary to the shareholders’ beliefs.

In an op-ed published by Fox Business, Rubio explained that anybody who owns a stock, or has invested in a mutual fund, or has a 401k sponsored by a company is a shareholder who is owed legal duties by the respective corporations that they have invested in.

He said the new draft legislation would “empower shareholders” to act against a company “latest woke, Marxist fads” such as corporate boycotts of state, denying services to groups that are politically disfavored, or targeting the workforce with vicious concepts such as critical race theory.

He reminded how in 2019 Gillette lost billions of dollars to its parent company with a commercial highlighting “toxic masculinity”, which was met with fierce backlash.

Fight against ‘weak corporate leaders kowtowing to Marxists’

Under Rubio’s draft law corporations will have to prove that the political stances they take are benefiting their shareholders.

In case they failed to give evidence of shareholder interest, the very corporate officers personally will be held liable – which is a great idea as it will prevent them from hiding behind the actual corporation.

The Florida Senator pointed out that while under existing legislation shareholders are able to sue corporate officers over politically rather than fiscally driven actions, the corporations have managed to make such lawsuits “hopeless” by tweaking provisions in their bylaws to protect themselves while “they leave America behind.”

Rubio emphasized his new bill isn’t going to spike government regulation – instead it will empower the very shareholders to act against social sphere corporate policies and “weak corporate leaders who kowtow to Marxists.”