In the eight months since he occupied the White House, Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has shown he is out of it much of the time, and those times he makes the worst possible decisions for the United States of American.

Yet, he must now have become completely deranged as he declared that he was going to make actual US Border Patrol agents “pay” for daring to do their jobs and protect America’s national border from the millions of Third World illegal immigrants that precisely Biden and his far-left clique are so eager to populate our nation with.

Embarrassment Biden says it’s an embarrassment

Biden was speaking on Friday about the images captured earlier this week of border agents on horseback trying to fend off some of the 15,000 illegal Haitian immigrants who came from Chile and Brazil to settle in the US simply because Sleepy Joe has erased the US-Mexican border.

Even though images taken by a media photographer showed the Border Patrol agents riding horses and holding the reins as they were trying to prevent the illegals from entering our nation, far-left, Marxist, and wokeist liars claimed that they were actually showing them holding whips.

As the nation was left wondering when exactly the Border Patrol added whips to its arsenal, the liars kept spreading their Marxist lie on social media as per their nasty anti-American alliance with Big Tech.

“I promise you those people will pay,” an evidently deranged Biden stated from the White House on Friday, as he called the images of real American border agents protecting their own nation “horrible to see.”

Of course, they are horrible to see for a senile, far-left traitor.

For the rest of us, though, what’s horrible is that such a brain-dead liar has somehow been installed in the White House.

Biden, utterly delusional and inadequate for the job, kept stating “there will be consequences” and saying “it’s an embarrassment.”

Of course, the only embarrassment for America is his entire administration, and the consequence should be for himself and his Marxist clique alone.

Photos wildly misinterpreted

Meanwhile, Paul Ratje, the actual photographer who took the pictures felt so disgusted with the wokeist propaganda rage that apparently felt the need to come forward and defend the border patrol agents.

Ratje told KTSM-TV that the photos have been wildly misinterpreted and that none of the Border Patrol agents had any whips at all – not that any sane person would expect them to have any.

The photographer emphasized that he didn’t actually see anyone being whipped.

He added all the agents did was their job description as the impudent, brazen illegal immigrants tried to just go around their horses and still enter the United States despite being told by the legitimate US authorities that they aren’t allowed to do that.

Biden wants to send border agents to prison?

Several Border Patrol officers were quickly interviewed by Fox News in the wake of Biden’s speech and were completely dumbfounded.

One of them asked if a person would even go to work, let alone do their best if they knew that their boss would punish them for doing a good job, would even “make you pay.”

He asked if the Biden administration wants to send them to prison, while another interviewed BP officer said the moronic Democrat president has just begun a war with the Border Patrol.

Yes, he has.

Biden is completely, totally out of it – but his far-left, Marxist and wokeist clique is working fast and hard to ruin our country.