Democrat President Joe Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan has America stuck with some 60,000 Afghan “refugees” who were airlifted in panic through Kabul airport without any vetting whatsoever.

Despite all the subsequent assurances of the Biden administration – which mean absolutely nothing precisely because they’ve come from the Biden administration – that there has been a strict vetting process, God knows how many terrorists and just regular future America haters are among those brought to America thanks to the completely mismanaged and frankly moronic pullout and the frantic and haphazard evacuation that followed.

Who has Biden stuck us with?

Evidence is mounting, however, that Biden has “rescued” the wrong kind of Afghans from his new-found radical Islamist Taliban buddies – as his own pathetic Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has admitted that only 3% of the 60,000 brought to America were actual holders of American Special Immigration Visas (SIVs).

So instead of bringing to the United States those Afghans who sided with us in the 20-year-old war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda by working in vital roles such as interpreters for the US military, Sleepy Joe and his wokeist gang – always eager to populate the United States with Third World people – just brought whoever the US troops left there managed to load on planes leaving the Kabul airport!

A case in which a female American soldier bravely serving this nation was attacked by at least three Afghan refugees housed at a Fort Bliss “refugee” camp in New Mexico is a new piece of evidence that Biden transported to the United States precisely the wrong king of Afghans!

The case is really serious – so much so that the FBI actually started an investigation into it.

The US servicewoman was assaulted by no fewer than three Afghan men around midnight on Sunday near her car just as she had arrived for her shift at the Dona Ana complex.

The assault on her by a “small group of male evacuees” brought to America under “Operation Allies Welcome” was confirmed by the public affairs director for Fort Bliss, Lt. Col. Allie Payne, who also added the matter has been taken to the FBI.

The identity of the female soldier hasn’t been revealed but according to ABC 7 she was seriously hurt and had to receive medical care as well as counseling after the assault on September 19.

She is said to have already recovered physically.

Almost 10,000 Afghan “refugees” are being housed at the Fort Bliss camp in New Mexico, which is managed by the Fort Bliss Army Base in Texas.

The FBI investigation into the attack was confirmed by Special Agent Jeanette Harper of the bureau’s division in El Paso, Texas.

Tragically failed vetting

Yvette Herrell, the US congresswoman who represents the respective congressional district in New Mexico, tweeted with outrage that the attack against the American servicewomen is “yet another tragic failure” of the Biden administration’s vetting process for the Afghans brought to America, and demanded “answers.”

The assault in the New Mexico camp was announced after earlier this week two Afghan “refugees” were arrested at the Fort McCoy US Air Force camp in Wisconsin.

One of them, 20-year-old Bahrullah Noori was arrested for trying to rape a minor, and for three counts of having sex with a minor, while another 32-year-old Mohammed Haroon Imaad was nabbed on domestic assault charges for choking his wife.

Thank you, Joe Biden and the wokeist gang, for bringing to America the crème de la crème of Afghanistan!