The Biden administration seems to be collecting immigrants from different parts of the Third World in order to expand America’s population with people who aren’t exactly going to find to defend their freedom as per the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence – but who are expected to be loyal electorate, or, rather, subjects, of the Democratic Party to keep it in power by default.

Thus, since occupying the White House in January, Joe Biden and his Marxist gang have managed to add some 1 million Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Salvadorans to the US population; then they went and caused the Afghanistan catastrophe which gave them 60,000 Afghans.

Getting as many Haitians as possible

Now the Biden administration has managed to secure some 20,000 or so illegal immigrants from Haiti, who don’t exactly come from Haiti but from Chile and Brazil, where they already had relatively comfortable lives until Sleepy Joe erased the US-Mexican border so they decided they might as well come over, why not!

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s abysmal Secretary of Homeland Security, admitted for the first time directly that the vast majority of the close to 20,000 Haitians who have crossed into the US in recent weeks haven’t been deported but have instead been “transported” – i.e. they have just been set free in the US interior to do as they please.

Thus, the DHS head revealed that some 12,400 Haitians are under review by immigration courts, i.e. have already been released in the United States.

Another 5,000 are being “processed” by the department, and only 3,000 are in detention.

Mayorkas didn’t shy away from admitting that many if not most of the 5,000 in question will probably also be set free in the US and that more Haitians might come and cross the US-Mexican border.

He claimed that the Department of Homeland Security is only following “the law as Congress has passed it.”

Mayorkas said the administration is going to determine which Haitians could be returned to their home country “based on public health and public interest,” and insisted that those that have already been released have “conditions”, are being “monitored”, and the US authorities are making sure that they will appear in court as required.

Those are, of course, all sham assurances designed only to assuage public anger over the insane, uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants from the Third World that the Biden administration is meticulously implementing.

‘Our proudest traditions’

As Fox News host Chris Wallace remarked to Mayorkas that figures from the Department of Justice show that 44% of the illegal immigrants miss their court dates, the latter insisted that “the system will work.”

It sure will – in favor of the wokeist, Marxist radicals who wish to inundate this nation with Third World people in order to remain in power by default.

When Wallace asked directly why the illegal immigrants aren’t being stopped from entering the US, Mayorkas declared that “we do not agree” with the construction of “the wall”, and that the law allows people to “make a claim for humanitarian relief”.

Mayorkas went on to shamelessly declare that this is “actually one of our proudest traditions.”

Sure it is.

Except it hardly refers to resettling countless millions of Third World economic migrants, or just for accepting everybody considering how the world is filled with failed states and rogue dictatorships.

The radical leftists are happily using the immigration norms from a different past in order to flood America with future loyal subjects of theirs.