Horrendous Democrat President Joe Biden’s no less horrendous Afghanistan withdrawal has created so many threats and risks for the security of the United States of America as well as our allies – that many of those are even beyond imagination – which doesn’t mean, however, that they are implausible and/or can be ruled out!

Every time there is a mention of the murderous Taliban Islamists, who were installed back into power in Afghanistan by Joe Biden, plus they got to be lavishly armed with top-notch US equipment and weapons from the collapsed Afghan military, it is worth reminding that these are exactly the same people who prior to 9/11 hosted the global terrorist network al-Qaeda.

And that this was the reason the United States went into Afghanistan and after them in the first place.

Taliban with turbans as well as nukes

For all practical purposes, the Taliban, to whom Biden surrendered the greatest power in the world last month, are highly seasoned anti-American terrorists.

Against that backdrop, one of the most horrifying consequences of Biden’s single-handedly empowering them to rule Afghanistan again is the Taliban getting their hands on nuclear weapons which they can use to wreak havoc on us and our allies in so many ways.

It turns out that such a scenario isn’t nearly as impossible as one could suppose – because it is possible that the Taliban could end up being armed with 150-160 nuclear weapons, i.e. the nuclear stockpile of Afghanistan’s neighbor Pakistan, if they actually manage to take control of all or part of the latter.

The warning has come from John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser in 2018-2019, who spoke in an interview for WABC 770.

With many of the Taliban coming from the same ethnic group as one of the largest ethnic groups in Pakistan, and with radical Islamism and jihadism on the rise in Afghanistan’s much more populous neighbor, an Islamist terrorist takeover of Pakistan cannot be ruled out.

Bolton emphasized that the very fact that the Taliban have now an entire country under their command and rule, not to mention the fact they are now armed to the teeth with US-made equipment, “threatens the possibility” that they might take control of Pakistan.

Nice nuclear stockpile awaits them

This in turn would mean “150 nuclear weapons” will fall “in the hands of the terrorists,” Bolton stated.

The former Trump National Security Adviser lambasted Joe Biden for his horrendous mismanagement of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He emphasized that America’s allies have been left wondering whether Biden “has a grip” on the foreign policy of his own administration.

Pakistan, whose secular government can easily be viewed as shaky at best, has a nuclear arsenal of about 160 warheads, which it developed since 1998, arguably as a defensive weapon against its rival and neighbor India.

Its nuclear stockpile includes 102 land-based missiles as well as F-16 fighters jets with 24 nuclear launchers.

As radical Islamist terrorism grows more powerful, it isn’t inconceivable that the Taliban or other Islamists could grab hold of power in Pakistan together with its nukes – and that will be the fault of Sleepy Joe Biden and his abysmal anti-American far-left aides.