Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has already broken all boundaries on sanity, while his far-left, Marxist, wokeist, transgenderist, and America- and freedom-hating Cabinet ministers, staffers, and aides have broken a world record in impudence and hypocrisy.

Not to worry, however, because it keeps getting “better” – meaning “unimaginably worse” – as because this time, in total disregard of sanity, dignity, decency, commons sense, and arithmetic, Biden’s team posted on Sleepy Joe’s Twitter account an incredibly idiotic message.

Incredibly idiotic tweet

The tweet is an astonishing contribution to human thought, or, rather, the lack thereof, on part of the idiots running Biden’s Twitter profile while he’s passed out in senility somewhere – because it certainly isn’t him posting – unlike what was the case with President Donald Trump before he got outrageously censored by the radical Marxism – Big Tech alliance.

More specifically, in a new tweet on Sleepy Joe’s behalf, they claimed that his draft Build Back Better spending plan (which is an incredibly dumb name in itself) estimated at a mind-blowing $3.5 trillion dollars of government “costs zero dollars.”

You go figure out how a $3.5 trillion spending package, hopefully, will either not be passed at all, or will be severely cut thanks to some remaining common-sense US Senators in the Democratic Party, could possibly cost “0 dollars.”

Besides claiming that “Build Back Better” “costs zero dollars” and “adds zero dollars to the national debt,” the idiotic Biden tweet also said “we can make” a “once-in-a-generation investment in working America” instead of dealing with “wasting money” with respect to tax evasion, loopholes, and tax breaks on part of big business and the rich.

So the crypto-communists from the Biden administration who wish to squander $3.5 trillion dollars in taxpayer money are trying to mask that by arguing that it doesn’t cost anything!

Critics were quick to pour out their outrage on Twitter over the absolutely idiotic tweet by the Biden team on the Democrat President’s behalf, which somehow equates $3,500,000,000,000 to “0”.

‘It’s scary who’s in charge!’

Even supporters of the Biden agenda lambasted the idiotic tweet sent out from Biden’s account about the “zero cost” of Build Back Better.

Democratic congresswoman of New York, Claudia Tenney, even tweeted that she first thought the idiotic tweet was a parody.

She responded by stating how disturbed she was to see that the President believes that he could “spend an unprecedented $3.5 trillion” without adding “a penny to the debt.”

“This is who is in charge? Scary,” Tenney tweeted.

Erielle Davidson from the Jewish Institute for National Security of America tweeted to Biden that his comms person is clearly “economically illiterate.”

The fate of the $3.5 trillion unbelievably excessive communist spending package remains unclear amid the haggling, as some moderate Democrats are pushing for a package of $1.5-2 trillion at most – and even that sounds insane.

What’s even more striking is that America’s fate remains unclear with the kind of senile president whose aides think 3.5 trillion equals zero.