President Donald Trump issued a total of three different statements on Tuesday lambasting all the way the Biden administration and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, after the latter and other US commanders testified to Congress that they had in fact advised Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden against a total military pullout from Afghanistan.

Trump was clearly fuming over the outrageous Afghanistan catastrophe caused by the Biden administration – and who can blame him!?

He has more right to be outraged than most Americans, except maybe for our military veterans and active-duty personnel, considering all the effort that he put in as President in securing an orderly withdrawal for America from the Central Asian country while making sure the Afghan government doesn’t collapse the way Biden forced it to.

‘Woke television generals’

The testimony by Milley, CENTCOM commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, and Biden’s own Defense Secretary Llyod Austin exposed Biden as a liar or a severely demented person since they contradicted his previous statements that nobody had warned him to keep a minimum force of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to prevent its collapse and a takeover by the Taliban terrorists.

In his three statements, Trump declared it was “no wonder” that the pullout from Afghanistan “was such a disaster” considering the fact that “ ‘General’ Milley spent all of his time talking” to book writers – as Milley has admitted he has given interviews for three books, including the book “Peril” by Washington Post reporters Costa and Woodward.

It was that book that exposed Milley’s treason as he called China on January 8, 2021, behind President Trump’s back – even though in Tuesday’s testimony he tried to deny that he committed treason.

Trump predicted that with such “woke television Generals” such as Milley “who are only looking to be stars”, America will only keep losing.

He further stated, quite justifiably that Milley isn’t “a Soldier or a General” but is a “Public Relations agent.”

In another of his three statements on Tuesday, President Donald Trump went after the very execution of the Afghanistan withdrawal itself.

Pullout developed by a ‘child’s mind’

He declared that the pullout was executed so stupidly as though it “was developed by a child’s mind.”

Trump emphasized that the Biden Administration is solely responsible for “the botched and embarrassingly incompetent withdrawal” and none of the previous administrations had anything to do with it.

Evidently, Trump also felt obligated to explain one of the most idiotic mistakes in the withdrawal, namely, the fact that the “Military was taken out before the US citizens” and the some $85 billion worth of the top-notch US-made military equipment now enjoyed by the Taliban thanks to Joe Biden.

Trump recalled that when he vacated the White House, he was holding the Taliban at bay, and America has “no reason to rush”, could take its time, and no US soldier had been hurt for more than a year-and-a-half.

However, Biden and Milley pulled out the US military in “one of the dumbest Military moves in history” and the situation unraveled.

There is nothing to add to that but to quote Trump’s conclusion: “so sad for our Nation”!