Democrat President Joe Biden was exposed as nothing else but a liar as top US military commanders testified before Congress that they advised him to keep 2,500 American troops in Afghanistan precisely in order to prevent the catastrophe caused by his idiotic pullout which put the Taliban terrorists back in power and shattered America’s credibility with friends and foes alike.

Those who testified were the head of the US Central Command, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, plus the by now infamous Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and Biden’s own Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Their testimonies unequivocally made it clear that both McKenzie and Milley recommended keeping 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan, while Austin in turn made it clear that Biden was aware of that advice.

The president lied

The testimonies before the Senate Armed Services Committee exposed Biden as a liar – or a highly demented individual – sending especially the Republican lawmakers fuming as to how the Afghanistan apocalypse was brought about.

GOP Senator John Hawley best summarized the situation by gathering from the testimonies that “the president” of the US “lied to the American people about the advice” and the “military judgement” that his own commanders provided him with.

McKenzie in particular, who was in charge of the Kabul airport evacuation operation when everything was already lost, declared that he has been “consistent” in insisting that it was essential for the United States to keep a small military presence on the ground in Afghanistan.

The Central Command commander said he “stated consistently” that reducing the number of US troops below 2,500 would mean looking “at a collapse of the Afghan military.”

McKenzie admitted, however, that in his forecast, the collapse of Afghanistan would take months, not days, as it actually did.

The by now infamous Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, also claimed he warned that a withdrawal would cause the “collapse” of the Afghan government and its armed forces in the face of the Taliban advance.

He claimed that as early as the fall of 2020 his “analysis” warned that performing an “accelerated withdrawal” from Afghanistan without “specific and necessary conditions” would kill the “gains made in Afghanistan” while “damaging US worldwide credibility” and causing “a general collapse of the Afghan government.”

Milley also argued that “my assessment remained consistent” in the one year since then.

He didn’t wish to reveal what he advised Biden exactly but added that his personal view was that a force of 2,500 US troops was necessary to prevent the collapse of Afghanistan.

At the time Sleepy Joe Biden occupied the White House in January, there were still a total of 3,500 US troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

‘Input’ was received ‘for sure’

Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin testified in turn that the generals’ “input was received” and “considered by the president for sure.”

Those testimonies mean unconditionally that Biden lied to the American public.

In his ABC interview in August, at the height of the evacuation crisis, Sleepy Joe declared that “no one said that to me that I can recall” – referring precisely to any warnings that the US should keep at least a token force in Afghanistan.

Maybe he didn’t lie – maybe his own administration doesn’t count him for squat and really didn’t tell him.

Or maybe he was asleep and/or unconscious.

Whatever it was, the gigantic damage to America has been done.